Saturday, February 27, 2010

My man wears Old Spice!

This commercial made me laugh SO hard!

This is for Jon, who does wear Old Spice and does NOT use ladies' scented body wash... and I know I have at least a couple brothers who use Old Spice in some form or another.

Anyway, I hope it makes you laugh a little... because I guffawed pretty hard at this...

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

My favorite line: "I'm on a Horse."


Friday, February 26, 2010

THIS is a Date!

Last Friday, Jon and I went to "LDS Family Night" at the Warriors vs. Jazz game! No kids... just me and my cutie! It was awesome! I thought it was funny that they had missionaries sing the national anthem at the beginning... And the Jazz won 100-89... although I'm still not quite sure who I was rooting for... In my heart, I'm a Golden State girl, but I came to like the Jazz in our 5 years living in Utah... It was fun to cheer for the Jazz in this particular setting because they were clearly not the favorites...

I got spoiled the whole night... from in-seat Hot Dog and soda service (Thanks to Jon and Lynn) to yummy garlic fries (Thanks to Dad K) to good babysitting (Thanks to Mom & Dad S). I even had a good time riding BART to and from the game. I got to curl up next to Jon in the big empty underutilized public transportation system and reminisce about all the times he rode BART down to Fremont see me while we were dating! < <> > It was a great night!

(Yes, I know I'm wearing a hockey shirt... it's the only maternity sports shirt I have... over the belly it says "Future San Jose Sharks Fan")


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Captain who?

Since Jon got so much amusement out of our date last Saturday, I thought it only fair to post about it... especially since Jon gets no end to my teasing on my blog.

He checked out the new Star Trek movie for us to watch and we settled in with snacks and pillows to enjoy the show. I had warned him that I knew NOTHING about Star Trek... seriously nothing... well... I knew two things: First, they flew on a ship called the Enterprise (and I only knew that because I've heard the nerdy argument about the Millennium Falcon vs. the Enterprise). Second, I knew that those alien guys with weird looking foreheads (Klingons I guess?-Jon just told me) obtained their extra-ordinary features by placing their heads in the microwave. (FYI-that second piece of Star Trek knowledge came from my brother Caleb)

Notwithstanding my lack of knowledge about Star Trek and my previous shunning of it, Jon assured me that I would understand the movie, and he told me that he could explain it all if I got too confused :) Such a sweet patient husband ;) Little did I know how much my comments on the movie would amuse him... Now, remember that I had TOLD him, in no uncertain terms, that this was the FIRST Star Trek movie (or even TV episode) that I'd watched start to finish... and yet, he did the following:

Jon snickered when I said, "I'll bet Spok and that James Kirk guy end up working together."

Jon shook his head and rolled his eyes when I asked, "Wait! Do Star Trek people come from EARTH!?!"

Jon laughed out loud when I commented, "Ohhhhh!!! so that's where "Live long and prosper" comes from!"

Like I said, I'd never seen a Star Trek start to finish... so all of the above things actually surprised me. I felt very educated by the end of the movie! And, much to the film-maker's credit... I DID actually understand the plot, even though I had no previous knowledge of the characters or the pretense. It's actually a pretty dang good movie! Whoever thought of this whole Star Trek thing might have something going for him! I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of Star Trek fan club pops up one of these days. Let me know if you hear about one!

New pattern :) "Messenger Bag"

So here's a new pattern to add to my sewing repertoire... thanks to the "mmmCrafts" blog. Mine doesn't look quite as professional as hers do, but hey, it's a start! I learned several new tricks making this project... for example... I always knew that, in theory, it's easiest to sew things "wrong" side up and then flip it... but I couldn't figure out how to apply that to my purse making... so now I'm excited to be in better control of the seam on future projects :) Also, I love the "flap" thing over the bag, and this pattern makes it simple and perfect!

So, here's a picture of my first "Messenger Bag." I'm sure there will be more to come! I like the way it turned out... The only change I made to the pattern was making the strap adjustable in length by adding two D-rings... unfortunately, the student I made it for is so short that it barely hangs short enough when it's cinched all the way tight... all well... I guess she'll grow into it :)

Addendum: My second messenger bag...
My student wanted all three colors on the bag, so I tried my hand at artfully piecing fabric together. I rather like the way this one turned out. I learned how to make a button hole and I learned that those "pinch" buckles are actually called "parachute buckles," in case you're ever looking for one in a fabric store or something.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Locks of Love

So, I've always been too small to donate blood, too much of a pansy to donate plasma, and nobody has ever asked me to donate a kidney... but... I'm very good at growing long locks of hair. Over Christmas, I cut my hair and sent it to Locks of Love. I know most of you who view my blog have already seen me with my short hair, but just for the record of it, here's how it happened:

Before: Really really long hair that Lawrence could reach up and grab... not the most comfortable feeling to have your hair pulled by a 2-year-old... kinda yanked my head backwards sometimes. (I don't have a copy of the official "before" picture, but this one will do for now. My hair was Really really long.)

After: MUCH MUCH shorter hair! Let me tell you, it feels refreshing and light--and much less like a Tarzan vine for Lawrence. (it's not the most flattering picture of me...I think I sorta look like a hunchback...all well... )
The Leftovers: "Get that dead rat out of here!" Jon shares his love and support :)
Don't worry... it's gone... on its way to Florida! Yay for short hair!