Sunday, October 11, 2015

Skyline to the Sea!

I did it! I completed a super awesome marathon course! ( a not super awesome time...) Skyline to the Sea was shaded by redwoods, pines, and manzanitas. Cool breezes and fog also kept us running cool throughout my 6 1/2 hour run (yeah, I know, not super impressive time, but still complete!). 

The beginning of the race was crowded going along the narrow trail. Fun to be out and among so many crazies! Five Kobersteins were on the course that day: Lynn, Weston, Louis, Jon, and Danielle.

Slightly nervous at the beginning, but ready to go... Why am I doing this?
And then I ran a marathon. I took some random video notes along the way every few miles, documenting how I was feeling, funny things I saw, etc... but that is not for this post...

So glad when it was over...a little worse for wear, but wearing my MEDAL! When can I sign up for another one???
My feet and shoes took quite a beating and dirty-ing. 
Five cute crazies in One stinky car... happily on the way home!

 Thanks to my Koberstein brothers and my adoring Koberstein husband. Couldn't have done it without your planning, prodding, and twisted sense of fun...

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