Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I love about Sundays

I love seeing my two cuties play well together! They are actually SHARING the cars!  Only happens on Sunday…


I Love seeing Dawna give Jon a piano lesson.  “Now you have to count while you play, daddy!” and “You can earn a crystal if you play it right.”


Then it’s “Now, you play the note that I’m pointing to.”  OH FOR CUTE! But the other awesome part about this was that Dawna knew all the stuff that she was “teaching” to daddy!


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What happens in Idaho...

...will be remembered and reminisced about for years to come. We had lots and lots of good times, including by not limited to:

Having a very pleasant 16-hour drive to Idaho. I know, weird... but we just decided that this was vacation, after all, and we needn't be in a hurry. So everybody got a full night's rest, we got up, packed the car, and headed out. We stopped at Cabela's to get a new fishing pole for Dawna (since her Dora pole broke, it now has been handed down to Xochitl), ate at McDonald's, watched movies and read books. We did arrive in the middle of the night and sacked out immediately in our room in the basement (thanks to whoever set up the bed for us so we COULD do that!)

Watching all the girls make "grass beds" in the yard. Dawna loving it, then freaking out about ticks, then loving it again.
Jon's many fishing trips with my brothers. Look at my man bringing home the bacon... or trout... Emily, Aaron, Jon, and I really enjoyed eating all the fish that came in... and some others in the family tasted it, too :)
Everybody trying to get on this girl's good side... she can be a bit of a stinker... good thing she's cute...
A "Horse of a Different Color" Refers to:

a) Horse traders would use the coloration to determine if it was a purebred.

b) Black horses, as everyone knows, are the most valuable. Every hero has a black horse: Zorro, Batman, and the X-Men, to name a few. Also, I think the football team on Friday Night Lights adopted one as their mascot. Anyway, to try to get the most money for their stock, horse sellers would roll their horses in soot to make them all black, you know, like the dalmatians did in the one movie. But really, it was a horse of a different color.

c)What farmers say when a horse is born out of wedlock.

d)A horse's color is part of its registration information. Registration is transferred to a new owner upon sale. If the color on the registration isn't the color of the horse being sold, there's a problem.

e)Horses only come in so many different colors. Some are brown, black, white, reddish, green if they're sick. But if you see a blue horse then you know, like, man, that is something entirely different. Maybe if you were watching a cartoon, then maybe it could be a horse. Like if I were watching the Smurfs, you might expect to see a blue horse, but really who watches the Smurfs anymore? I heard that they are coming out with a new Smurf movie, but it's probably going to suck. That's all.

(Yes, one of those is the correct answer... and sorry that I couldn't track down all the response papers... obviously, after midnight, the object of the game changed from "who gets the most points" to "who can make Heather laugh hard enough to pee her pants." Also, it's best if Aaron reads this aloud to you. It's not as funny just written here, but it HAD to be preserved for posterity)

Changing Charlie's diaper and listening to his discourse-style explanation of how he and Eli can both be two and a half. I'm not sure I understood most of it... for a small moment, I almost pictured Ben trying to explain how particles fall all over each other... hmmm... too deep for me.

Watching Dawna and Larry bond with Great Grandma Severson.
Isaac bringing me a chair while I was braiding my hair sitting on the deck outside. He may appear crazy on the outside, but he's a gentleman at heart.

Levi and Hannah walking around giving back rubs... ahhhhh...

Sunday testimony meeting. I'm sure grandma and grandpa have told those stories before, but I wasn't paying enough attention before. They are amazing. Our family is incredibly blessed to have all of our brothers and sisters be our brothers and sisters in the gospel as well.

Seeing the Milky Way across the sky and seeing so many more constellations than I can see at home.

Jon roundin' up the chilluns. Jon painting little girl toenails. Jon pretending to be a snake to help Larry not be afraid of the water. Jon fishing with my brothers. Jon climbing to the top of the waterfall. Jon beating Levi at chess.

Xochitl hiking the whole way up to the waterfall.

Playing Risk on an iPad with Levi and Jon.

Having NO internet access for a whole week! It's really quite refreshing.

Walking an eight-mile loop with Cami and Heather. Whew!

My kids all obsessing over their ditty bags. They all had to sleep with them every night and have them in the morning. Xochitl especially loved putting it over her shoulder like a purse. For CUTE!

Ok, that's all for now... I might edit and this post and add more later... but Jon informs me that it's time for bed :)

...And Adele saying "Make me a Bone Head" while carving soap :)