Thursday, October 07, 2010

Time for a Video blog!

Today's blog will feature a clip of each of the kids doing something cute, new, and exciting for them. So, here we go in age order:

Brooke and I have been working out each morning... or evening... with Jillian's 30-day Shred work out video. Dawna has watched us from time to time, and then when she got these new "Jumping Bean" shoes, she decided she wanted to do the workout with us. I was really quite impressed. She stuck with us through the whole 20-minute workout--of course doing her own modifications of the exercises. She learned how to do jumping jacks really well, though. (PS: Jon did the filming on this one, so sorry Brooke and I are in there all sweaty-like and ridiculous...I told him to just get her!)

Larry's new thing is letters... well, to be more specific, the letter H. His love affair with this letter began when we brought home our Odyssey and he discovered that there is a letter H on the front, the back, and each wheel! And then, to add to his excitement, he found H's on the little white car, too! What can I say, we are a Honda family! He has subsequently been happy to discover H's on Papa's Jeep cHerokee and Nana's plymoutH voyager. He does know his other letters, but H is by far his favorite...

And Xochitl... really? Is this baby only FIVE months old??? She was really early rolling over, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that she is already dabbling with some crawling skills... (ok, so it's not THAT early to be crawling, but she outstrips both her siblings by a good month or more). Really, it's more like a push-pull scoot along, but this child can get where she wants to go... faster than I want her to get there usually!

And that is the video update of the Koberstein family!

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