Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 2 in Utah...

We got to know Isaac better :) so cute!

We went to the park with the babies in the double stroller and the little girls in a wagon.

On the first day in Utah...

Dawna loved the airplane. She pretty much watched Monsters Inc. the entire flight. Both the kids were great travlers.

Dawna played princess sprinkler hopscotch with cousins Abbie and Emma. Hannah joined them later as well.

Hannah and Dawna found a spider and some ants in this corner. Together they tortured the poor bugs by blowing on them and trying to herd them one way or another. Neither of them are afraid of bugs... yet...

Update on day 2 to come

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Potty training is coming... any advice?

Dawna is clearly showing that she wants to be potty trained. She tried getting Adele's underwear on all by herself, over her pants... She was, as you can see, not particularly successful...

I've been doing some reading and have decided on having a potty party in about a week, after we get home from Utah. Any other advice? Successes? Failures? Funny stories about potty training to share with a mom in the potty training trenches?

Kids will be...

So, Dawna decided that she didn't really want to take a nap this afternoon. It's not too surprising since she slept in till 9, an hour more than usual. I put her down the first time, and about 10 minutes later, I hear her tiptoe out of her room and into the kitchen (mom and dad's house is not good for sneaking around--all the floors echo and squeak). I heard her open the door in the kitchen. "Keyboard please?" she says with those big blue eyes (she was headed to play some music apparently).

"No Dawna, it's nap time." She starts to whimper, so I pick her up to take her back to her bed. Suddenly, everything she sees becomes a reason why she shouldn't have to take a nap.

I walk past the bathroom: "Pee pee potty?" By the changing table: "Diaper please? " By the bookshelf: "Story please?" By Adele's bed: "Dinosaur please, tiger please?"

I set her on the bed and hand her two books, her tiger and her dinosaur. I even give in a little and read her one story. Then, I tell her it's time to go to sleep and exit the room.

a couple minutes later, I hear the door to her room open. I'm in the corner room with the door open. I see her go up on her toes, put her hands over her eyes, and walk past my room... wow... are we so sneaky... about as sneaky as an ostrich with his head in the ground. She walks into the bathroom, picks up her pink hat she left there earlier, then proceeds to tiptoe past my room again with her hands over her eyes. I can barely contain my laughter at this point and am curious to see what she'll do...after a minute, I peek out my door and find her standing in her doorway, hands still over her eyes, pink hat on, smiling to herself... I can just imagine what she was thinking, "haha, mommy! I'm clever!" Silly as it is, it's fun to see her use what little logic she has.

The nap battle went on for an hour longer, but that was the funniest part. Eventually, I conceded and she didn't ever take a nap. She did, however, go to bed early.

And here's a cute little video of Lawrence Xavior giggling a little. This was about a week ago now. Just ignore my goofiness... I was trying to get him to perform... and he did pretty well: Larry X giggles

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Garden :)

Photosynthesis rocks my world! This is my first experience with a garden. I had very little faith at the beginning that anything would actually grow, but my faith is growing along with my little plants!! The Radishes were the first to come up. I was thrilled to see them all pretty in a row!

We also have little green beans, butternut squash, and cucumbers coming up... and the most exciting one to me are my little soy bean plants. I LOVE to eat soy beans steamed and lightly salted! Here's hoping for a good harvest! I would have two more soy bean plants, but some rambunctious squirrels nabbed two of them! I was so mad I could have chased their fluffy tails into the freeway! Grrr...

In other news, my kids are still the cutest around. Almost 2 and 3 months are the cutest ages in the world.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Four babies, one house... aren't they adorable?

So, the number in the Lansing Court house is back up to 10, which includes four kids all under 2 1/2 years old. wow. We are... an American family...

Easter Egg Hunt

Backtracking a little ways, Easter Sunday was a blast. We had missionaries, the Jacksons, great-Grandparents Severson, and the Yus for dinner. The best part was that everybody under 30 got to participate in the Easter egg hunt! Dawna would get so excited and squeal and say "I fine it!" when she saw the eggs. Papa Severson was her helper. The younger couples got one basket between them and both people had to hold onto the basket to search. We had a great time! The best eggs to find were, of course, the ones with money in them! Mom Severson is famous for that! The dinner was fabulous as well... traditional ham and mashed potatoes, artichoke salad, and angel food cake for dessert! Who doesn't love Easter?

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