Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving Begins!

Aaron and Em were down this weekend for a conference. Em started up the Thanksgiving fun with an awesome edible craft for the kids: the apple turkey! Made with an apple for the body, marshmallow head, candy corn beak, gummy worm gobble, raisins for eyes, Apple Jacks for feathers, and a cookie/peanut butter cup pilgrim hat. Fun to make, fun to eat!
Xochitl's Apple turkey

Dawna's apple turkey!

Em instructing the kids on how to make an apple turkey.
Larry ate his apple turkey too quickly; no picture... 

Calder playing with Jade after making his apple turkey. 

Dawna holding her violin, which is not an apple turkey. 
 Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Happy Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween!! Here's how we celebrated our scary week:

This girl  is growing so fast, it's scary! She had her first "solid" food on the 25th of October! (and as you moms know, "solid" is used in the loosest possible form... rice cereal soup is a more appropriate name). Dad is getting sentimental, mom is getting excited about longer nights asleep... or longer nights out :)

This boy is learning so quickly, it's scary! He's a great reader and loves to entertain Jade with colorful stories about sharks trying to eat cars... 

And tradition never dies... Nana and Papa came over for pumpkin soup dinner and "witch's brew" the day before Halloween... scary how garbage boiled in a plastic cauldron can taste like hot chocolate ;) 

This year's creative alternative to carving: finishing nails and strings woven into shapes and patterns. Larry HAD to incorporate his scary scorpion and tarantula.
Xochitl's heart pumpkin

All dressed up and ready to go: Dawna as Alice in Wonderland; Xochitl as Rapunzel; Jade as our tiger cub, and Larry as Spiderman!  

At the ward Trunk or Treat: Such Awesome costumes! Brooke and Jon Evans  go All Out--EVEN unto the shaping of facial hair --for their costumes... no wonder they look so good!  Jon and I had no such costuming.... so we earn no photo of our Halloween Humbug.
And as an afterthought, a scary skeletal science project: First you eat the Rotisserie chicken, then you pick the bones clean, then you reconstruct the chicken sans meat and skin and fat. We got to learn words like femur and tibia and ulna and phalanges, to name a few... 
Happy Halloween time! We had so much fun, it was scary.

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