Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's and President's Days!

February 14th:

Woke up early to Jon heading out the door... off to work at 6:30?  No, he came home and locked me in my room while setting up this cute little thing:

 And since you can't really tell that well from the picture... what you're seeing is a large flower arrangement, a love letter, breakfast danishes, and the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes (which Jon knows we both love!).  The whole table, the floor, and down the hall to our bedroom was scattered with rose pedals! Well, I was very touched, and impressed!

 After daddy went to work, the girls and I spent most of the morning in Larry's classroom, "volunteering" (but mostly just participating in) Larry's class party!  Lots of yummies and fun games to play!

From there it was strait to Danville for Art and Piano.  We played at the park there for a while, then came home for Papa John's pizza and Martinelli's sparkling cider for dinner! But the fun did NOT stop there...

Nana came that evening and traded cars so she could go pick up Ben and Sarah and boys at the airport! I went to trade cars back and stayed for a while that night! We had a great long weekend with them, which included playing in Nana and Papa's yard, dinner at Joe and Cami's, and Sunset Beach! 

Eli got a big sand crab!
Larry and Eli watching the crabs scurry around the bucket

Dawna and KK jumping waves, even though it was freezing!

Papa telling the boys a story about a car named Arlie-chay.

Xochitl and her Sand...

Levi and Calder in their giant hole... they weren't going to stop until the Earth's mantle layer would naturally heat it the water... they ALMOST made it...

Dawna and her new cousin Andrew! Dawna called him "my little football!"

So glad Ben and Sarah made the trek out to the west coast again! I loved playing and hanging with them all weekend!

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Missionary Sendoff!

 Backtracking a little bit... Well, really this first picture was just one of Dawna's cute antics... She decided that they needed to have a picnic, so she packed some snacks in the little basket and headed outside with her new umbrella and a little blanket... and set up this adorable little picnic!

On February 11, we bid farewell to the newly called and set apart Elder and Sister Koberstein, who headed to the other side of the world!  They will be missionaries in Japan for two years!  We'll miss them immensely, but we are so excited for them and proud of them!  I made sure all my kids got a picture with them before they left, since I'm sure the kids will look quite a bit different in two years...

And as for the last picture... well, my kid's sweet (and VERY on-top-of-it) grandma, was NOT going to break tradition just because of a mission call... she made her traditional Grandma Koberstein blanket for our baby, so we took their picture with it to represent Baby #4.

It's gonna be a long time without Grandma and Grandpa around, but we are glad we can Skype on Sundays (though it sort of freaked Dawna out that it was Monday in Japan...).

Good luck Elder and Sister Koberstein!