Thursday, November 13, 2008

All caught up...

I’ve started attending a regular exercise program, designed by my high school friend, Alana Ayers. She’s a great personal trainer. I know that because I’m sore every day, even though I only work out with her twice a week.

Both my kids are sick. Poor Lawrence has croup. We took him into Urgent care about 5am yesterday. He didn’t sleep more than and hour at a time on Tuesday night, and his breathing kept getting worse and worse. The doctor gave him Albuterol and some steroid that started with D… he’s been doing a little better since then, but still is very wheezy and raspy. Dawna has had a fever and stomach flu, which we inconveniently discovered at the dinner table yesterday. She threw up a little onto her plate. When I saw that, in one swift and fluid motion, I lunged for a bowl and reached around the table and literally Caught the rest of the puke before it hit the table and destroyed everybody else’s dinner. Ok, so that’s kind of a gross visual, but I just wanted to impress you all with my mommy reflexes, which have been fine tuned by said personal trainer, Ms. Ayers 

Jon got a package from EA. I was excited to think that it might be a job offer and/or some paperwork to fill out and file with them… but no. It was just a note to encourage him in school… and candy… and a Nerf dart gun… and a Video Game! Geez… talk about schmoozing… they KNOW how to get into my husband’s heart…

At a recruiting meeting for Amazon, Jon won a little Flip Video camcorder, which includes a “still capture” from any video you record. It was a welcome little surprise considering our camera just died. And so, all the pictures in this letter are brought to you by Flip Video, powered by Amazon.

And with that… I think we’re caught up…

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What? Our other kid?

Poor little Lawrene. I used to be a little bugged by the fact that I, child number eight, didn’t have a baby book done for me… all my older siblings at least had Something, but all I got was a blank, completely blank, baby book. Well, you see, I’m starting to understand a bit better now. I’m very grateful to my mom that I’m actually alive as kid number eight, and downright flabbergasted that I actually have a picture representing each year of my life. With my two kids, I hardly every get footage of the youngest. Usually what happens is: I get the camera out. Dawna sees the camera; Dawna Loves the camera; Dawna hogs the camera. I try to get Lawrence on the camera and then… well… see for yourself…

And then I have to drop the camera and save him before he gets squished by his very loving sister who enjoys the limelight. It’s not that she wouldn’t share with him, or doesn’t love him… she’s just bigger than he is and tries to give hugs with her whole body weight. And so, here is a little tribute to Lawrence, the younger one:


SCUBA with Weston: Nov. 8

After months of intense training and certification, Jon and Weston finally got to go SCUBA diving together in Monterey! Um… really I don’t know a thing about SCUBA diving except that I’m patiently waiting my turn to get certified. They bought those underwater disposable cameras…and got a few cool pictures… You’ll have to call Jon or Weston yourself to get any more details than that.

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Thankfully, the Trunk or Treat earlier in the month justified a very laid-back Halloween for us. Early in the day, my mom took Dawna and Adele around the yard to make “witch’s brew.” They collected sticks and leaves, rocks and dirt, and put it all in a large plastic cauldron. Then, it was placed on the stove. They sang a song about stirring and stirring the brew, and then let it “simmer” while they read stories. When they came back to the kitchen, amazingly, amongst all the leaves and dirt appeared six mugs of steaming brew!—also known as hot chocolate.

In the evening, we did minimal trick or treating. It was a little wet out and we were all cold. We just went to the six houses around our court and called it good. Somehow, we still managed to get enough candy to fill up our bag. Dawna loved dressing up again, and this time she got to add a flashing wand to the ensemble. What a girlie girl she is… I love it!


Oct. 29: Adele's 3rd birthday party

Oh man! This was the princess party to beat all princess parties! Emily went all out! Activities included: Decorating your own tiara, pin the dress on Ariel, Jasmine’s magic carpet musical chairs, Snow White’s poison apple (like hot potato) game, slaying Princess Aurora’s dragon piñata, and helping the fairy godmother turn a pumpkin into a Cinderella cake. It was HILARIOUS to see our two little girls and three little boys all playing princess games. Dawna’s favorite was the dragon. She still takes that little inflatable sword around the house hitting chairs and stuffed animals… and occasionally me… saying “Slay Dragon!”

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure she didn’t know that the party wasn’t for her… Let’s not tell her…

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Autumn Fun: Oct. 25, 2008

We raked leaves in the front yard. After making a huge pile, Jon threw Dawna in it. She didn’t like it very much. After getting out of the leaves, Dawna directed her dad to jump in them, which he promptly did to show her how to really enjoy it. I think in the end she’ll look back on this as a very culturally enlightening and educational experience.

Trunk or Treat: Oct. 18, 2008

Our ward has a fine tradition of fun activities, and this was no exception. Simple delicious fun. Chili dogs and hamburgers for dinner, and then out to the parking lot to “trunk or treat” around the backs of cars with their trunks open and decorated. Dawna got all “princessed” up with dress, wings, and glass slippers. This is the first year she’s old enough to really care about what she wore, and everything was as pink as it can get! She was quick to catch on—“If I say trick or treat, I get candy!” We ended up going around the whole parking lot three or four times. My parents love to have donuts on a string and bobbing for apples by their trunks. Dawna particularly loves eating the donuts on a string and topped off the night with SIX donuts. Her BSL (Blood Sugar Level) was above the allowable .16% by the end of the event, so she wasn’t allowed to drive home.

Aaron, Emily, Adele, and Samuel moved back in the same day! They’ll be here for the next ten weeks and then they’re off to Oregon again for their last rotation! Emily and I are both very excited for our husbands to be done with school!

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