Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trunk or Treat: Oct. 18, 2008

Our ward has a fine tradition of fun activities, and this was no exception. Simple delicious fun. Chili dogs and hamburgers for dinner, and then out to the parking lot to “trunk or treat” around the backs of cars with their trunks open and decorated. Dawna got all “princessed” up with dress, wings, and glass slippers. This is the first year she’s old enough to really care about what she wore, and everything was as pink as it can get! She was quick to catch on—“If I say trick or treat, I get candy!” We ended up going around the whole parking lot three or four times. My parents love to have donuts on a string and bobbing for apples by their trunks. Dawna particularly loves eating the donuts on a string and topped off the night with SIX donuts. Her BSL (Blood Sugar Level) was above the allowable .16% by the end of the event, so she wasn’t allowed to drive home.

Aaron, Emily, Adele, and Samuel moved back in the same day! They’ll be here for the next ten weeks and then they’re off to Oregon again for their last rotation! Emily and I are both very excited for our husbands to be done with school!

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