Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daddy's Girl

No doubt who Dawna's favorite is:

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Installation Art by LXK

We've recently discovered an artistic prodigy in the family...
He creates artistic masterpieces from whimsical moments...
It becomes us to pause and consider the everyday art he has discovered...
His two most recent pieces of Installation art were found in the kitchen...
We call them...

"He clears the table"

"Clean dishes migrate from dishwasher to counter top, for he hath not height sufficient to put them in cupboard"

Very thought provoking art, Larry :) Please, continue your artistic pursuits :)

In other news on the aspiring young artist, he has lost TWO teeth! He lost one at home by pulling it out with his own fingers in a bloody mess... the second was lost at school. The tooth fairy visited on both occasions :) 
And he is sporting the new toothless look!

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

just another week in Newark...

This was a somewhat uneventful week, but just a quick couple of thoughts...

"My" choir sang for the first time today for ward conference!  They were quite amazing! I had silly nightmares about the choir all last night (nobody showing up, the chapel being unrecognizable...) but nothing weird happened and my singers were all exquisite! They make it fun to be the choir director! 

This was our homeschool check-in week (it happens every other week) where we see Mrs. B. and turn in all the homework we've done and Dawna shares her favorite assignments.  Were were pleasantly surprised when we got there to see that Dawna had been chosen as Decoto's Student of the Month!--complete with certificate and a gift card to McDonalds!  All the kids come along with me when we go and Larry and Xochitl build with the amazing blocks they have there.  One of the High School students there asked Larry what he was building (in the picture below).  Larry said, "A BART station." The teenager said, "WOW! That is Magical!" Larry got a kick out of that! 

 Our winter garden is coming along nicely, notwithstanding the lack of rain... So far, we've harvested broccoli, cauliflower, kale, plenty of parsley and rosemary, and NEW this year: Romaine Lettuce!! It was an easy one to grow, as long as you keep the bugs off! We lost a couple heads early in the season to snails... gross... but we still have one big head to go! Our Brussels Sprouts are coming along nicely also--they look good now, but we'll have to wait and see on the flavor...

 And yes, these pictures are from Christmas... long time ago... but I just found them and had to share how much my mom is the Grandma Pajama Queen at Christmastime! It makes me wish I was a grandkid... Warm matchy pajamas... sigh...
Yeah... 27 Grand kids in one house... can we say crazy???
The Big Granddaughters: Balance, Grace, and Fuzzy socks...

The Little granddaughters...sweet, sassy, and Fuzzy socks...
Rob and Levi WISH they were so adorable!

The boys and their planes! 

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Birthday darling Daddy!!

This was Jon's birthday week! We partied all week long! Highlights include:

Monday climbing at Indian Joe Caves in Sunol:
Jon, freshly equipped with his very own climbing gear, wanted to hike up to the Caves in Sunol and climb. Cami & Crew and Nana and Papa joined us--we had individually made identical plans for the day, so we thought we'd just meet up and play together. We all enjoyed exploring the caves around the formations and also taking a turn climbing up the 5.8 route. It was a blast!! 
Larry did great despite his nervousness...

I made it to the top!!!-- up the easier route...

Jon Belaying and offering advice to climber Ansel.

Strength, Beauty... 

And flexability all in one: Remi! 

Dawna is our climbing nut.  She loves being tied in and going up!

Beautiful Landscape

He made it to the top too!
 On Wednesday, we had our family dinner of tri-tip steak, sour dough bread, Jell-o, and of course, cheesecake for dessert!
We Love our new camera :) 

Opening presents! The kids all wanted to help!

Jade's favorite part was the wrapping!
After dinner and dessert, Nana and Papa came over to put the kids in bed while Jon and I went to City Beach to climb! We had an awesome evening out together and came home to an Immaculately clean kitchen! Birthday bonus from our babysitter!!

And today, after my first choir practice as the director, Jon and I sang through all the Easter songs I picked out. Dawna, apparently bored, drew a portrait of what was happening. Yes, Jade is scoot-crawling around and Yes, she LOVES the piano pedals! It's a strange fetish of hers, but she goes after piano pedals all the time! During Dawna's practice, while I'm teaching, and while we're practicing for Choir...  
In case you can't quite see, the caption reads "Mom sings and Dad sings and maybe Jade (the thing on the floor)"

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

What happened this week?

1. Larry biked 3 miles to a friend's house! Jade rode in the bike trailer for the first time, and Xochitl, sitting in June trailer next to her, put her to sleep! It was a fantastic ride! 

2. We went climbing in Sunol last Saturday ( lots of pictures on google+) Xochitl almost lost her shoe down a narrow crevice, but I did some awesome shimmying down and squeezing and retrieved it! Go me!

3. I experimented in my Koberstein Test Kitchen, making raspberry cheesecake cookies and lemon garlic pasta with shrimp. Both were very successful in taste (which really is the most important feature) but left something to be desired in the presentation :)

4. Jon got to drive a Prius. It was not ours.

5. I discovered I may have the same random allergy that Cami has: purple cabbage plus running within 6 hours equals itchy rash and hives all over my body. So NOT fun! Fortunately, there was no difficulty breathing, but I'm laying off cole slaw for a while...

6. Jade learned how to click her tongue and does so incessantly upon waking. Very cute.

And looking ahead, Jon is turning 31 this week... Woah. He appears to be dying... But at least he's winning at Qwirkle. Lynn is here playing also, but he didn't quite fit In the shot... The Blooger app camera extension also leaves something to be desired... At least we have Monday off! Happy MLK day!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This is an eCard to say Thank You to Paul and Becca for being excellent Tucson hosts. If any of you thought Arizona was just dry boring desert, think again after watching the following footage from our trip:

Thank You Paul and Becca for a great start to our Thanksgiving week!

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Monday, December 09, 2013

Piano Recital and Aircraft Carrier!

This was an amazing weekend! Saturday morning started out with a momentous occasion: Larry's first real piano recital! He and I played a Christmas duet: Jolly Old St. Nicholas! Dawna played piano and played violin for the first time in recital! She and Marisa did a great job together!

The poor students had one little difficulty... the E and F notes on the piano would stick down when played and not come back up... it was a bummer when it caught them off guard and made the duet-playing more difficult, but on the whole, they handled it well :)

Dawna and Marisa played Jungle Bells together! It took a lot of practice to get Dawna ready to play with the bow for the recital, but I think she did great!

After the recital, we had an exciting evening planned: Jon's work party was on the USS Hornet--the old WWII aircraft carrier/ museum in Alameda! It was quite a fancy affair! Jon rented a tux and I got much-needed fashion help from Brooke... so we looked Good!

At the party, we enjoyed many delectable dishes such as horseradish mashed potatoes (Jon's favorite),  Sesame beef (my favorite--served in mini take-out boxes!) shrimp, sushi, hot apple cider, ice cream bar, and butternut squash ravioli! I LOVE all the good food!

Also, we got to ride the flight simulator, which was programmed to simulate a Desert Storm strike. It was made in 1991 with cutting-edge graphics... which means the group of brilliant software engineers we rode with were making hilarious remarks through the entire ride... it was awesome...

 Out on the flight deck, where it was FREEZING COLD--by the way... I mean actually freezing, not wimpy California girl is freezing...the puddles were ice!--there were old fighter jets displayed and there was also a fireworks show over the bay set to a medley of James Bond music... awesome...

We got to ride the jet lift back down to the main level, which was also amazing! It felt like the floor surrounding a group of about 200 people just dropped 30 feet... woah...

And after being disappointed by the lack of effort put into my EANABS (Equally Attractive Non-Alchoholic Beverages), I requested a "beautiful" drink from the bar tenders and got this awesome pomegranate/lime/ginger/mint drink... it was beautiful :)

Our night finished off with exploring the Apollo museum--The Hornet was the ship that picked up the astronauts from several of the Apollo missions. It's actually an amazing historical place... we want to take the kids back there to tour someday... Thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us get away for a late night party! 

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