Saturday, September 27, 2014

Run Long and Prosper: The Van

Ragnar was awesome this year!  Our team actually had a coherent theme complete with costumes and van decorations!

Eva, the Ragnar veteran (this is her third year in a row as a Ragnar crew van), was decked out beautifully! I had a great time letting the inner artist in me loose with window markers:

I started by outlining everything in Crayola Window Mega Markers (which are pretty good, but some of the colors don't show up very bold on the tinted windows)...

 ...then filled it in with the Darice Window Artist Markers (which have a great tip and paint-like coverage... but are very messy when you make a mistake, so I recommend the Crayolas or even a dry-erase outline first)
 Jon and Wes got into the spirit with their cell-phone phasers...
 Lynn joined the race at the last minute to replace an injured runner... he fit right in with the team :)
 Lynn designed and drew the Enterprise on the hood... NOW there is a Stick Figure Enterprise out there on the internet! ... In case anybody needed one,..
 Jon drew his little guy with a stun count underneath (a stun is when you pass a runner in the race...)
Lynn designed the little stick figure Worf.
 My Dr. Crusher with the Dr. Bones quote... we embrace all Star Treks...
 Cute little Spok... He got the place of honor next to the Ragnar symbol
 And Picard... tall and proud... ready to run!
And as far as removal goes... both markers washed off easily enough... though I was disappointed with the Shell gas station car wash... it got most of it off with a run through, but I still had to go around to each one and spray and wipe... Next time I'll keep the nine bucks and wash it myself...

Run Long and Prosper!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Welcome Perry!

Last week, we bid a fond farewell to our dear old Wall-e, our sweet little white Honda Civic.  He (it) was a beloved part of our family since 2004 and saw us through many great adventures including visits to both mission sites (Nauvoo, IL and Tampico, Mexico), Chicago, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon...commuting to our first jobs at Spanish Fork Middle School and Electronic Arts...and bringing home Dawna, Larry, and Naomi from the hospital. We'll never forget our dear old Wall-e... best of luck in your new home!!!

But all endings bring new beginnings, and yesterday, we welcomed the newest member of our automotive family... Eva is a big sister!!! We proudly welcome:

Our Subaru Crosstrek XV

Arrived: September 25, 2014,  6:15pm
 3,197 lbs.
175 inches

Perry is Dark Grey Metallic with black leather interior. He is little and sporty and sleek, ready for heading off  to work or heading off road at a moment's notice! 

For both Jon and I, this is the first time we've purchased a brand new car... and we've enjoyed watching our trip counter match the odometer exactly! Woah! (that will only work for about 200 more miles... so we had to take a picture while it lasted...)
We look forward to many fun adventures with you, Perry, including teaching our oldest kid how to drive in 7 years... scary thought that...

Love: it's what makes Perry our Subaru :)


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Phone blogger app

The question is... Will it work? If so, blogging just got a whole lot easier!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Elsa Cape

Do you know what is totally impossible to find in stores right now??? Frozen dress-ups. Do you know what my girls are dying to have??? Frozen dress-ups. Solution? Make you own, of course!

I wasn't feeling up to making a full out dress, so we agreed on a shimmery Elsa cape! We had a fun trip to JoAnns to pick our fabric and one large snowflake button.

I drew inspiration from this No-Sew Elsa Cape Pattern, but with some adjustments. Including....
 *An opaque layer underneath the shimmery sheer. It has glitter in the fabric; what more could you want??
 *I finished the edge of the sheer layer by melting it, as suggested in the pattern, but I just hemmed the opaque layer. Then, I sewed the two layers together around the neckline and flipped and top-stitched around the same edge.

*And thanks to a computer-nerdy husband, who harvested some very strong magnets from a couple dead hard-drives, we sewed a magnetic clasp in under the button. I figure it's a quick release in case the cape gets stepped on (which happens constantly) so as to avoid the inherent choking hazards... Also, I skipped adding snowflakes... maybe on another day... they were just so ready to play with them...
 The girls have loved singing and dancing and prancing around in their beautiful capes!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daddy's Girl

No doubt who Dawna's favorite is:

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Installation Art by LXK

We've recently discovered an artistic prodigy in the family...
He creates artistic masterpieces from whimsical moments...
It becomes us to pause and consider the everyday art he has discovered...
His two most recent pieces of Installation art were found in the kitchen...
We call them...

"He clears the table"

"Clean dishes migrate from dishwasher to counter top, for he hath not height sufficient to put them in cupboard"

Very thought provoking art, Larry :) Please, continue your artistic pursuits :)

In other news on the aspiring young artist, he has lost TWO teeth! He lost one at home by pulling it out with his own fingers in a bloody mess... the second was lost at school. The tooth fairy visited on both occasions :) 
And he is sporting the new toothless look!

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

just another week in Newark...

This was a somewhat uneventful week, but just a quick couple of thoughts...

"My" choir sang for the first time today for ward conference!  They were quite amazing! I had silly nightmares about the choir all last night (nobody showing up, the chapel being unrecognizable...) but nothing weird happened and my singers were all exquisite! They make it fun to be the choir director! 

This was our homeschool check-in week (it happens every other week) where we see Mrs. B. and turn in all the homework we've done and Dawna shares her favorite assignments.  Were were pleasantly surprised when we got there to see that Dawna had been chosen as Decoto's Student of the Month!--complete with certificate and a gift card to McDonalds!  All the kids come along with me when we go and Larry and Xochitl build with the amazing blocks they have there.  One of the High School students there asked Larry what he was building (in the picture below).  Larry said, "A BART station." The teenager said, "WOW! That is Magical!" Larry got a kick out of that! 

 Our winter garden is coming along nicely, notwithstanding the lack of rain... So far, we've harvested broccoli, cauliflower, kale, plenty of parsley and rosemary, and NEW this year: Romaine Lettuce!! It was an easy one to grow, as long as you keep the bugs off! We lost a couple heads early in the season to snails... gross... but we still have one big head to go! Our Brussels Sprouts are coming along nicely also--they look good now, but we'll have to wait and see on the flavor...

 And yes, these pictures are from Christmas... long time ago... but I just found them and had to share how much my mom is the Grandma Pajama Queen at Christmastime! It makes me wish I was a grandkid... Warm matchy pajamas... sigh...
Yeah... 27 Grand kids in one house... can we say crazy???
The Big Granddaughters: Balance, Grace, and Fuzzy socks...

The Little granddaughters...sweet, sassy, and Fuzzy socks...
Rob and Levi WISH they were so adorable!

The boys and their planes! 

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