Monday, April 13, 2015

Hurricane Jade

This week, Hurricane Jade struck the Koberstein house in full force. The storm hit landfall in the master bathroom, unraveling an entire roll of dental floss and wadding up little toilet paper balls.  She laid waste to a large glass cup, scattering debris over the entire kitchen area and causing delays in breakfast and lunch service.

The calm quiet moments in the storm only indicated that trouble was brewing farther inland... buried in the rubble was mom's smart phone with everything deleted, reset to factory defaults, and a Kindle that had purchased whatever book had an ad on display. Fortunately, officials were already on the scene when Hurricane Jade was attempting to color on the side of the van with a rock.  But trying to prevent and repair the damage only incensed the storm further...

Storm chasers found hurricane Jade all scraped up after falling off a garbage can, which she had ascended in search of the puppies over the fence.  We hoped, but hoped in vain, that that exploit would cause the violence in the storm to dissipate...

Instead, the storm traveled back towards the Koberstein household and caused tens of dollars worth of damage to the groceries, leaving naan bread, half-eaten pears, sticky sticky licked-up lollipops, and bowls of cereal or oatmeal scattered over the landscape, not to mention the flash floods that occurred when she encountered the cups of water that the older hurricanes --Ahem...-- kids were "saving for later..."

This is not a new phenomenon.  Over the past decade, four hurricanes of similar strength and power have overwhelmed the Koberstein household. You'd think we'd know how to deal with their destructive powers by now, but each hurricane seems to become more cunning and inventive than the last. (perhaps we are just getting older and tireder...)

At this point, I just want to crawl in a storm cellar and wait it out... then start rebuilding the whole place once all the hurricanes in the house are clearly past their terrible two's.  I think we got enough wheat to survive on...


Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Sunday Fun

Easter with grandparents! Traditions, culture, and sugar. Lots of sugar. 

On Saturday night after returning from camping at Mt. Diablo, the girls went shopping to JoAnn's (for the last of the quilt fabric) and to WinCo for more candy and ingredients to make sushi! 
(I HAD to get the candy building blocks from WinCo! I love playing with them and eating them!)

After the priesthood session, we had a great sushi-making lesson from mom. 
Remember, when you make sushi, spread the rice thin, leave about an inch at the top of the seaweed, add strips of ingredients, roll carefully...
...and most importantly, remember to shout while you squish is all together! (so says Jon...) It was a delicious and educational dinner!

Easter Sunday morning dawned cool and cloudy in Antioch.  We enjoyed breakfast and the first session of conference, then we got to dye Easter eggs inside while the rain came pouring down outside! Our colorful Easter eggs did not last long this year.  They were boiled, colored, and consumed for lunch that very day.

After the second session of conference, Weston arrived and we indulged in a Koberstein Easter tradition: the Jelly Belly hunt! 

(does that say Happy Three-ster? very funny Dad...)
The Jelly Belly hunt occurs when the adults scatter/hide a truly insane amount of Jelly Bellies (like, almost an entire Costco container...) around the whole house...

Some are as easy to find as picking them up off the ground...

Some are hidden in the most ridiculously hard places, like INSIDE Lego Duplo structures, tucked under light switch covers, or high atop wall decorations...

Some Jelly Bellies don't ever make it to the bag.  Jade's mouth was constantly full of beans throughout the entire hunt...

The best part of the day was the amazing sessions of conference we got to watch and listen to.  It's exciting to look forward to seeing new temples in new places like the Ivory Coast, Haiti, and Thailand! Having conference on Easter is awesome! Hearing testimonies of Christ from such powerful witnesses adds a special spirit to the day we devote to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord! Wish it could happen every year...


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday

I'm not sure my mom is capable of having a small simple gathering at her house.  Whenever we go to dinner or family home evening or anything, everything is amazing and thought out and perfect! 

Tonight's gathering was no exception. We went for a dinner of homemade waffles to start off the afternoon, then we had a Fireside/FHE style gathering in the living room.  We sang some Easter hymns and then mom and dad each gave a small lesson. 

Mom talked about Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey and all there placed their clothing and palms down to welcome him in:

Mom invited us to think about the cloth laid down for Jesus' donkey to walk over and to imagine our feelings upon seeing the Savior come to our own city. How amazing it would be to see Him! 

Mom had prepared a bunch of large ivy leaves and each of the kids got to take a leaf and lay it down to make a path for the Savior.  Then we all shouted Hosanna together to express our admiration and joy! 

Dad's lesson was similarly memorable.  Dad reviewed with us the beginning of the last supper, when Jesus meets with his apostles and washes their feet.  He talked about Maundy Thursday being the day before Good Friday and the day Jesus gave us a new commandment: to love one another as He loved us. To demonstrate, Papa got a basin of water and washed Levi's feet.  All the kids were intrigued and wanted to have a turn also. 
 Of course, that was the plan, and one by one, each one of the children got a turn getting their feet washed. As he washed, he spoke of our service-centered gospel. We accept callings and assignments in the church not to get praise or admiration or riches.  We fulfill our callings in order to serve all those in our stewardship, to see to their spiritual and physical needs, as Jesus did.
 Papa also talked about how teaching others to serve is part of our divine calling. Peter was taught by Jesus to take care of the affairs of the church and serve the believers.  He then called Levi to wash the feet of the rest of the children there, as he had seen and been instructed.  So Jesus calls to all of us to serve our fellow brothers and sisters on earth!
 Christ has shown us how.  It is up to us to find joy and fulfillment in following his counsel.
 It was such a sweet moment with all the cousins washing each other's feet. I know I haven't done a great job summarizing the story, but I'd invite you to read John 13 to get the full account.  What a new and refreshing Easter experience! I feel the start of a new Palm Sunday tradition!
Of course, we had to finish the day with a sillier tradition... the egg hunt.  Even though all the eggs were empty, the kids still had fun hunting for them.  Jade was helped by big cousin Calder, who was an intense egg hunter! Any kid who found an egg got a little bag of jelly beans and a gold dollar (basically we just skipped the stuffing and emptying the eggs part... it was more efficient that way...)

I hope as I approach Easter Sunday this year, I can remember the joy that Christ brings to me and fulfill all kinds of opportunities to serve! Happy Palm Sunday!


Pony rides

Our little twin friends, Grace and Joy, had an amazing 6th birthday party! Mama Angela is an amazing birthday party planner. The girls requested a Pony Party, so boy did they ever get a pony party!  Each kid got a sheriff badge, cowboy hat and bandanna, and a  stick pony to START the party... activities included pin the tail on the pony, punch and grab pony box (beneath each punch circle was a pony to adopt, complete with name, birthday, and personality traits), a "feeding post" and "watering hole," wanted poster coloring, and....the main attraction of the party...

Pony Rides!!!!!

Dawna, Larry, and Xochitl (poor Jade missed out... she was asleep in the stroller...) were so excited to be able to ride the ponies! The little dark pony was named Tonka, and the taller caramel colored pony was named Samantha.

I was reminded a little bit of the Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday (Papa gets ponies for the party...) All the kids were sad when the ponies had to go, but boy oh boy was it a birthday party to remember! We're glad Grace and Joy turned 6!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lucky Day!

Leprechauns came to visit the Koberstein household on Tuesday! In the morning, we had a traditional breakfast of lucky charms and green milk! Dawna had made mini cupcakes for family home evening treat and left one for the leprechauns. So then the leprechauns left a note back saying to look forward to a "treasure hunt" after school...

 Poor kids had to wait until WAY after school because of piano lessons. When we finally got home, the kids could wait no longer and found their clues from the leprechauns! The clues led them to three packs of little dragons and the kids got to choose a dragon from each pack to take care of...
 ...the dragons were too big for the leprechauns to take care of...
 ...also, too fiery, too hungry, and too sleepy...
 After the hunt, we all enjoyed corned beef, cabbage, green and gold jell-o, home made soda bread (which I made for the first time and it turned out amazing, I might add...). For dessert, pistachio pudding with fresh whipped cream! Papa joined us for dinner and dessert and added a touch of spice with sweet and hot mustard!

All in all, it was a deliciously lucky day for all of us!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Things I am Grateful for...

Things I am Grateful for this week:
  • Great sisters-in-law who buy cars close to my house so they can come visit for a weekend and eat Japanese Ramen and stay up late with me watching Leverage and eating pickles. Unfortunately, all pictures of said fun times are on her camera/blog/instagram... I refer you to her electronic records for your viewing pleasure...
  • Real displays of confidence from my spunky 4-year-old with her impeccable sense of style: polka-dot satin skirt, striped shirt, princess warm-up jacket... I know I couldn't get away with that...

  •  Aiden's amazing birthday party put on by darling mama Becca! The kids enjoyed games like Thor's hammer throw, Kryptonite collection, pin the star on Captain America, and decorating your own superhero mask and cape. Jade had hers on for a full ten seconds, and luckily, I snatched a picture

  •  Tenacious little boy who relentlessly wiggled and jiggled and pulled until his first front tooth came out on Wednesday! 

  •  Evidence that Dawna DOES like some things that I cook! Unfortunately, her tongue could not reach the bottom of the bowl... can't believe we had to waste all that batter down there...

  • Friday the 13th is over!!! I was stressing/dreading that day because of the enormous amount of preparation that had to be done for my Lincoln Leopard Choir. I know, I know... I completely brought it on myself. I take full responsibility for it... but I will also take full credit when our Operetta in April blows your mind with awesomeness!!!  You see, on Friday, all 46 kids were split into 6 feature groups; each group had to learn a solo singing or dancing part with a volunteer parent. I was ready and organized with recordings, YouTube videos, speakers, and portable electronic devices... and it all worked out! WHEW!!!
  • Unbelievable fun at Bay Aerials gymnastics! Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout March and April, they are promoting with free open gym! So naturally, we're going to go every time. Becca and Henry and Zoey and Conrad joined us on Thursday for a climbing, bouncing, flailing good time :) Later on Thursday, Dawna and Xochitl had their first gymnastics lessons there.  They loved it, of course...more lessons to come...
  • Loving husband who made my dancing daydreams come true! Again, I'm sad I have no photo or video verification of this... yet... 
PS: Why are those letters so big? Google "Acrostic" if you can't figure it out...

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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Little Girls

None of these socks match:

There's our sign that we've reached our "little girl" quota.

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

One Week.

In case you were wondering what's happened this week, 
Enjoy these small couplets and come take a peek!

Weston and Myra came down for a day,
his birthday to celebrate, to hike, and to play.
 Grandma and grandpa and Lynn came on down, 
with oranges and cake from their Antioch town. 
 Our little fishy, who we call Xochi, 
earned a preschool ribbon for the style free! 
 A Jade and a Sage, two little green girls, 
teasing and playing and spinning in twirls.
 Look out! Number Four is up and away
on cupboards, on playgrounds, all hours of the day. 
 A John Deere machine keeps catching his eye,
we must take a picture before passing by!

Nothing outrageous, or wondrous, or grand, 
just fun happy moments from Koberstein Land :)

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