Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lucky Day!

Leprechauns came to visit the Koberstein household on Tuesday! In the morning, we had a traditional breakfast of lucky charms and green milk! Dawna had made mini cupcakes for family home evening treat and left one for the leprechauns. So then the leprechauns left a note back saying to look forward to a "treasure hunt" after school...

 Poor kids had to wait until WAY after school because of piano lessons. When we finally got home, the kids could wait no longer and found their clues from the leprechauns! The clues led them to three packs of little dragons and the kids got to choose a dragon from each pack to take care of...
 ...the dragons were too big for the leprechauns to take care of...
 ...also, too fiery, too hungry, and too sleepy...
 After the hunt, we all enjoyed corned beef, cabbage, green and gold jell-o, home made soda bread (which I made for the first time and it turned out amazing, I might add...). For dessert, pistachio pudding with fresh whipped cream! Papa joined us for dinner and dessert and added a touch of spice with sweet and hot mustard!

All in all, it was a deliciously lucky day for all of us!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Things I am Grateful for...

Things I am Grateful for this week:
  • Great sisters-in-law who buy cars close to my house so they can come visit for a weekend and eat Japanese Ramen and stay up late with me watching Leverage and eating pickles. Unfortunately, all pictures of said fun times are on her camera/blog/instagram... I refer you to her electronic records for your viewing pleasure...
  • Real displays of confidence from my spunky 4-year-old with her impeccable sense of style: polka-dot satin skirt, striped shirt, princess warm-up jacket... I know I couldn't get away with that...

  •  Aiden's amazing birthday party put on by darling mama Becca! The kids enjoyed games like Thor's hammer throw, Kryptonite collection, pin the star on Captain America, and decorating your own superhero mask and cape. Jade had hers on for a full ten seconds, and luckily, I snatched a picture

  •  Tenacious little boy who relentlessly wiggled and jiggled and pulled until his first front tooth came out on Wednesday! 

  •  Evidence that Dawna DOES like some things that I cook! Unfortunately, her tongue could not reach the bottom of the bowl... can't believe we had to waste all that batter down there...

  • Friday the 13th is over!!! I was stressing/dreading that day because of the enormous amount of preparation that had to be done for my Lincoln Leopard Choir. I know, I know... I completely brought it on myself. I take full responsibility for it... but I will also take full credit when our Operetta in April blows your mind with awesomeness!!!  You see, on Friday, all 46 kids were split into 6 feature groups; each group had to learn a solo singing or dancing part with a volunteer parent. I was ready and organized with recordings, YouTube videos, speakers, and portable electronic devices... and it all worked out! WHEW!!!
  • Unbelievable fun at Bay Aerials gymnastics! Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout March and April, they are promoting with free open gym! So naturally, we're going to go every time. Becca and Henry and Zoey and Conrad joined us on Thursday for a climbing, bouncing, flailing good time :) Later on Thursday, Dawna and Xochitl had their first gymnastics lessons there.  They loved it, of course...more lessons to come...
  • Loving husband who made my dancing daydreams come true! Again, I'm sad I have no photo or video verification of this... yet... 
PS: Why are those letters so big? Google "Acrostic" if you can't figure it out...

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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Little Girls

None of these socks match:

There's our sign that we've reached our "little girl" quota.

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

One Week.

In case you were wondering what's happened this week, 
Enjoy these small couplets and come take a peek!

Weston and Myra came down for a day,
his birthday to celebrate, to hike, and to play.
 Grandma and grandpa and Lynn came on down, 
with oranges and cake from their Antioch town. 
 Our little fishy, who we call Xochi, 
earned a preschool ribbon for the style free! 
 A Jade and a Sage, two little green girls, 
teasing and playing and spinning in twirls.
 Look out! Number Four is up and away
on cupboards, on playgrounds, all hours of the day. 
 A John Deere machine keeps catching his eye,
we must take a picture before passing by!

Nothing outrageous, or wondrous, or grand, 
just fun happy moments from Koberstein Land :)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First Grade Field Trip Frenzy!

And now, A Post Featuring our Son:

Larry's first grade class has been busy... very busy... enjoying events and field trips this year.  Their class has had three field trips in the past three months! Talk about a good time!! I got to go on two of them with him and had an exhausting, but good time :)

The December field trip was a trip up to Ohlone Community College to see the play "The Shoemaker and the Elves." That happened while Jon and I were on the cruise, so I couldn't go along... sad day...

But then, in January, all the first and second grade classes at Lincoln went to see the San Francisco symphony in a program called "Play me a Story." The program itself was incredible! The symphony sounded so so so beautiful! 

I'm not entirely convinced the kids enjoyed it as much as I did... in fact, by the end of the program, several of the kids on my row were fast asleep... can't really blame them; the journey to get to the concert hall was a little insane. We left first thing in the morning once school started, loaded up in parent cars, drove to the BART station, rode BART into San Francisco, had to wait at the station for 20 minutes since not everyone in the class got on the first train, then walked 3/4 mile to a park, ate lunch, then waited in line for another 20 minutes or so to get into the building... we all may have experienced some sour grapes as we watched the private school charter buses pull right up to the curb and drop off their students... grr... 

Even so, I think the trip was worth it for the exposure to such amazing professional musicians! The kids enjoyed hearing different instruments sound like animals (from Peter and the Wolf), like toys (a doll and a bouncing ball), and ride along with the "Flight of the Bumblebee." The concert hall was packed with kids from all over the Bay Area. 

It was a little nerve-racking to travel in and out of the BART stations with so many little kids, but the day proceeded without incident and I even got back right on time to pick up Jade and Xochitl from my friend's house before school got out!

The February field trip took us much closer to home (thank goodness!). We went to Tule Ponds in Fremont to enjoy a day learning about nature! We started the field trip with lunch by the pond and then went into the visitor's center for a presentation and hands-on  learning.

The kids got to see two monarch butterflies emerge from their cocoons and be released out the window! That was pretty cool! Larry insisted on wearing his "Safari Vest" that he got for his birthday from Nana and Papa. It was the perfect getup for the day and he used his magnifying glass on almost everything!
 Outside, the naturalist showed the kids many interesting things, including Tule reeds, a beehive in a hollow tree, a raccoon den, a skunk den, and bird and squirrel nests.
All the kids were captivated, excited learners, even if they were a little rambunctious by the end of the day.  We were a little late getting back from the trip; we were parking at the school just as the bell rang.  It was a little stressful getting the six first-graders I had taken in Eva, all carrying their own booster seats, to walk through the parking lot with parents pulling in and out... all well... the important thing is that they all got to make their Elder wood necklaces.

At another totally unrelated Lincoln event, the Health and Resource Fair, Larry got to meet a real Newark police officer and explore the police car! The police officer was very lovely.  Larry was excited to meet her because, as he adamantly declared in his "What I want to be when I grow up" paragraph, he wants to be a police officer and marry a lady police officer...and ride a motorcycle. Time will tell if any or all of those things happen...

So, all in all, first grade at Lincoln has been very good to Larry.  When asked, he might tell you he'd rather stay in first grade next year than proceed to the second... Sorry, Buddy, I don't think first grade would be nearly as fun the second time around...

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Young Author, A Young Athlete

A post dedicated to our Number One: Dawna K.

Dawna has had some exciting events in the past couple weeks.  First, her Young Author's contest.  
Dawna worked hard on her story, titled "The Wise Women," first drafting, typing, enduring critiques from a harsh editor (aka Mom), then handwriting each page (as per the requirements of the competition) and finally illustrating and designing the cover for her story. 
 It was a LOT of work! But she never gave up and was SUPER excited to see her book "in print" (each student who submitted a story got to have their story put in a hard-bound cover). All the work and late nights were worth it to see her light up upon holding her very own hard back book!
 But that was not all she got to be excited about... Dawna's story also took home second place for the third grade authors! AND (something I think is particularly cool...) her story gets to be copied and put in school library and the Newark public library! She had to autograph her books before they could be sent to the libraries:
 So proud of my Young Author!

Dawna's next exciting event was a fitness class at Slim Fitness in Newark.  Dawna ALSO won the prize for the most laps walked in the third grade during the October Walk-athon (you remember reading about it in that one post?? Anyway...) The prize was (appropriately) an hour-long fitness class at a local gym with her plus five.
 We managed to find her plus four friends to come enjoy the class. The instructor, Justin, was organized and the girls had a lot of fun doing circuits, relay races, Hopscotch 2.0, and a game where the girls had to figure out how to pass different objects from one bucket to another without using their hands:

It was all very cute, colorful, and fun! All the girls came away sweaty and tired...and giggling! Perfect!!!
Great work, Dawna! Thanks for giving us lots of reasons to celebrate!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jade the Wookie

Our kids have been really into Star Wars lately. So naturally when the Star Wars fruit snacks went on sale, I had to get some for our crystal prize box. Jade wanted to hold them while we were shopping and she started making this funny noise... 

Took me a minute to realize she was saying "Wookie: {wookie sound in cheek}" over and over again. I was impressed that she could connect the picture of Chewbacca on the box to the sound... and even more impressed that she could blow her cheek out like that... but then I remembered watching this video:
over and over and over again with the kids... so much so that they can sing the entire song... So Jade was quoting this Moosebutter song... take a moment to enjoy both awesome videos, Star Wars fans!

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