Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wonders of Technology...

People used to think you needed a big screen to entertain... 


Here's the proof: Six children being entertained by a six-inch tablet... and making a very neat horse-shoe formation at the same time :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Healthy Food... PPFFFTTT!

Dawna took it upon herself to plan, prepare, and serve a healthy meal for the family.  In the planning stage, she got a paper plate and drew a picture of her meal on the plate (and in typical Dawna style, the foods have walls around them... no touching!)

She created a meal from her knowledge of food groups as follows:
For protein, she cooked quinoa.
For a vegetable, she cooked artichokes.
For fruit, she served apple and pear slices (and tossed in baby carrots for color...)
For grains, she made whole wheat rolls (she even ground the wheat in the Blend Tec).

Here's the amazing part... all the kids ate EVERYTHING! It was a very successful meal for the whole family!  Dawna realized how much work it was to create such a meal, however, and is not terribly excited about doing it again... (drat). Besides, you can only pass off ONE Faith in God requirement this way... I wish all of the requirements were projects geared to help mom around the house, but I suppose studying scriptures and memorizing Articles of Faith are important, too ;)

Well done, Dawna! Thank you for a great meal!


Sunday, October 12, 2014


Excitement is...
The smell of neoprene in the morning...

Awesome is...
Sinking to 42 feet under water... and taking deep cleansing breaths.

Refreshing is...
A trickle of cold ocean water down your back after carrying 40 pounds of gear across the sand.

Giddy is...
Fulfilling the "I'm a mermaid" fantasy (you know you wanted to be Ariel, too!)

Beauty is...
Found underwater. Everywhere.

Serenity is...
The weightlessness achieved with neutral buoyancy.

Fame is...
Starring in your own nature documentary!

Freedom is...
The chance to explore the other two-thirds of the planet!

Why, yes, I am [now officially] a scuba diver... how did you know???


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Part three of the Birthday weekend of fun!

Sunday, October 5, my 30th Birthday, I awoke to my sister and brother in law and nephews decorating my living room while my sister in law and brother in law made waffles... what pleasant things to wake up to!!  
 After breakfast, we listened/watched conference and in between sessions, Lynn favored us with some ballroom dance lessons! Cierra and Kobin were both excellent students!  Watch out, Choctaw! The Howells are coming home with some awesome moves!!

 Then I got to open a couple presents, including a set of little plates from my missionary in-laws in Japan!  We of course had to immediately use them and had a pickle party!

THIS is a Deeb birthday treat :)
You know, all Koberstein relations love pickles... in a week together, we went through more than a gallon of pickles! 
After the second sessions, Paul & Becca came over and Joe and Cheryl favored us with a delightful BBQ dinner... tri tip, chicken, nopales, glazed pineapple, and potatoes... so YUM!

Thanks all for a wonderful and memorable birthday weekend! I am ready to dive into my thirties... (yikes...)


13.1 Going on 30!!!

Saturday, October 4... A day to remember forever...

The Goal...
For my 30th birthday, I wanted to train for and run a half marathon
 I followed Hal Higdon's Intermediate Half Marathon training program, beginning the first week in July. The program lasted 12 weeks with moderate runs and training during the week and long runs on the weekends, increasing by one mile each week..
 I got two crazies... I mean... friends... to run the half marathon with me:
Rebecca Severson! Mother of three, beautiful, brilliant... and very fast... 
Jenny: sister of my sister in law...
(sorry I don't actually know your last name...)
Mother of two beautiful blondies, hailing from Merced, CA!
She jumped in the game only six weeks before race day, and ran an impressive race!!
Here we are at the start... looking anxious and chipper in the morning sun...
And then, the race began... 

The Pain...
A Half Marathon is a long, Long,LONG way to run! (At least for me it is) My training took me up to 12 miles on the longest run and I felt perfectly confident that I could at least finish with no walking. For time, my goal was to finish in 2:20 or less and hopefully get a 10 min mile pace. 

I was really lucky to have great help all along the way...
 Here'a a recipe for an excellent race crew:

1 Supportive Husband

2 Affable Brothers-in-law
1 Adorable Nephew
1 Big Sister

Mix well in a mini van and sprinkle generously across the race course. Then the pain of the half marathon dissipates into camera clicks, whoops and hollers from the road, water bottle deliveries, and an entire entourage of runners helping you keep moving when you hit that mile 12 wall...  

A great crew like I had would help anyone be able to do a cartwheel at mile 11.5 :)

 The Glory!
Most of me is a grown up mom who pays bills, changes diapers, packs lunches, does laundry, and makes dinner... but deep inside there is a little part of me that is still an egocentric kid... who loves the attention you get when you cross a finish line and have a medal handed to you while you name is announced over a loud speaker! Makes you feel like you accomplished something great! (If there were medals and announcers for laundry... more might get done...) 

 This is the "That was fun; glad it's done" face...

 Looking a little haggard, but happy with my medal and car magnet! I worked hard for those, dang it!
I ended up finishing in 2:13 (making my time goal) but didn't quite make my pace goal... Will there be a next time to try again? We're not sure yet...

I finished 80th out of 193 female runners; 23rd out of 51 in my age category.  I know those aren't super impressive numbers to brag about, but I feel good knowing I'm just about average :)
 PS: Here is ZS demonstrating that there is nothing more delicious than Nesquik ice cold chocolate milk at the end of a half marathon! Heavenly!

Many thanks to Joe and Cheryl for watching our kids that morning; many thanks to my crew boys: Lynn, Weston, and Kobin for keeping it fun; special thanks to Heather for coming 800 miles to see me complete my 13.1; and warmest loving thanks to Jon for encouraging me through training, knowing what to do when the long runs got me down, and for loving me into doing more than I ever thought I was capable of...

Now... what will I do with my next 30 years?

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Party Hardy Hardy!!!

It's my birthday weekend. So life is awesome! 

On Friday afternoon, my sister flew in from Utah to celebrate with me. She came straight from volunteering at Reality Town and flew off to fantasy vacation land in California :) Then we went straight to the happiest place on earth: the Oakland temple! Heather had some family names for us to do and it was such a peaceful afternoon there... perfect way to begin!

Mom hosted a dinner that night with the local fam (Paulecca, Joe & Cami, and special guest visitors Jeff and Jenny from Merced!) We had delicious pizza Italia and cheesecake with raspberries for dessert! Just what Becca and Jenny and I needed to fuel up for our race day of fun the next day...

(Doesn't this look like a heavenly dessert???)

Tune in to the next post to find out what happens next in my birthday weekend of fun!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Run Long and Prosper: The Van

Ragnar was awesome this year!  Our team actually had a coherent theme complete with costumes and van decorations!

Eva, the Ragnar veteran (this is her third year in a row as a Ragnar crew van), was decked out beautifully! I had a great time letting the inner artist in me loose with window markers:

I started by outlining everything in Crayola Window Mega Markers (which are pretty good, but some of the colors don't show up very bold on the tinted windows)...

 ...then filled it in with the Darice Window Artist Markers (which have a great tip and paint-like coverage... but are very messy when you make a mistake, so I recommend the Crayolas or even a dry-erase outline first)
 Jon and Wes got into the spirit with their cell-phone phasers...
 Lynn joined the race at the last minute to replace an injured runner... he fit right in with the team :)
 Lynn designed and drew the Enterprise on the hood... NOW there is a Stick Figure Enterprise out there on the internet! ... In case anybody needed one,..
 Jon drew his little guy with a stun count underneath (a stun is when you pass a runner in the race...)
Lynn designed the little stick figure Worf.
 My Dr. Crusher with the Dr. Bones quote... we embrace all Star Treks...
 Cute little Spok... He got the place of honor next to the Ragnar symbol
 And Picard... tall and proud... ready to run!
And as far as removal goes... both markers washed off easily enough... though I was disappointed with the Shell gas station car wash... it got most of it off with a run through, but I still had to go around to each one and spray and wipe... Next time I'll keep the nine bucks and wash it myself...

Run Long and Prosper!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Welcome Perry!

Last week, we bid a fond farewell to our dear old Wall-e, our sweet little white Honda Civic.  He (it) was a beloved part of our family since 2004 and saw us through many great adventures including visits to both mission sites (Nauvoo, IL and Tampico, Mexico), Chicago, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon...commuting to our first jobs at Spanish Fork Middle School and Electronic Arts...and bringing home Dawna, Larry, and Naomi from the hospital. We'll never forget our dear old Wall-e... best of luck in your new home!!!

But all endings bring new beginnings, and yesterday, we welcomed the newest member of our automotive family... Eva is a big sister!!! We proudly welcome:

Our Subaru Crosstrek XV

Arrived: September 25, 2014,  6:15pm
 3,197 lbs.
175 inches

Perry is Dark Grey Metallic with black leather interior. He is little and sporty and sleek, ready for heading off  to work or heading off road at a moment's notice! 

For both Jon and I, this is the first time we've purchased a brand new car... and we've enjoyed watching our trip counter match the odometer exactly! Woah! (that will only work for about 200 more miles... so we had to take a picture while it lasted...)
We look forward to many fun adventures with you, Perry, including teaching our oldest kid how to drive in 7 years... scary thought that...

Love: it's what makes Perry our Subaru :)


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Phone blogger app

The question is... Will it work? If so, blogging just got a whole lot easier!