Monday, October 28, 2013


Dawna's writer's workshop this week was to choose something and describe it using sensory detail. She chose to describe her baby sister, which I thought was very sweet :) I post this as the prideful Mama of an excellent second grade writer. Also, the original is going in Jade's baby book; it's THAT good!

She loves this bouncer from every angle... it is not uncommon to find her asleep like this... 

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hot dog! It's Halloween!

In preparation for Halloween, we made these delicious hot dog mummies! I used a pretzel recipe from the Children's Friend magazine, rolled the dough out flat, and cut it into thin strips with a pizza cutter.  The eyes are two little dabs of mustard.
The kids loved wrapping up the dogs... They did not love eating them quite as much as I did, though...


Monday, October 14, 2013

Just post.

Turning over a new leaf... weekly posts, as inspired by my amazing sister-in-law.  Let's begin now.

I am quite old now--29 to be exact!  My birthday weekend was packed with fun, including:

4. dinner at "Eastern Spicy Vegetation" (aka China Chilis) with Becca and Isaac and Brooke and Jonny. We might have gotten THREE orders of honey pecan prawns... and ate them ALL! After that, we went to Becca's classroom and they painted pictures for me, after which I had to guess the meanings behind said paintings. I, unfortunately, got no pictures of this evening, but all my siblings are now jealous of how awesome my friends are :)

**BUT... Becca got Pictures! So here are a few:
Brooke, the mastermind

My arTIST! It's abstract. 

What could this be, Mr. Evans??? 

5. General Conference, Jamba Juice for breakfast, 3 mile run around the wetlands in my new Xero shoes, and dinner at Nijo Castle... FINALLY!!! I have wanted to go to that restaurant since I was in high school and I finally got to go! I was joined by a lot of my family; we actually filled up an entire tepanyaki table!
our chef, Amando, who Dad has had the last 3 times. He was awesome!
the tail end of the onion volcano :) 
My cutie and I ... eating and lovin' it! 
 6. More conference with cousins, and the best dinner from Mom: her signature Chinese chicken salad, chicken chow mein, egg rolls... yum! Jon was playing with his new GoPro camera, so y'all can watch the entire event, fast paced:

And there we have it. I am 29 :)

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Chinese calligraphy potatoes

Our story of the world lesson on Chinese writing as it transitioned from pictograph to calligraphy. We chose a character and carved it out of half a potato.  Bottom line: we are very grateful for our printer!

Here we have tree, mountain, and fire