Monday, April 11, 2011

New carpet and floors (sorry for the delay)

Hi friends,

Time to continue the "Mom's house Remodel" Saga! Sorry for the time lag... there's a lot that's happened since the last episode... including...

New Living Room carpet!

Out with the old: Because of the addition to the living and dining room, wood floors were (sadly) not an option here. The front part of the room does have the same wood underneath, though. I must admit, I was a Little tempted to keep a swath of the old carpet as a relic of my childhood... I don't think this color carpet exists anymore.

In with the New! "Joust" is the color of the carpet. It is squishy soft (because of a very nice pad underneath) but still sturdy feeling on top. Clearly, we're all enjoying it! All piano students must now observe a strict "Stocking Foot" rule upon entry.

Refinished Floors!

The Floor guy did an INCREDIBLE job! He replaced the damaged pieces of floor board (there was some water damage by the hall bathroom), sanded everything down, and then re-stained. They just look Beautiful! So beautiful, in fact, that mom is sad that she might have to cover some of it up with area rugs! So advice to all: bring warm socks or slippers to mom's next time you come; you Will need them.We all unanimously agreed on the darkest color stain when given the options. We're all very happy about how the floors turned out. When Joe (the floor guy) was sanding, he wasn't sure how all the damage in mom's room would turn out, but everything was perfect!

Next up: Curtains and drapes! AND... recovering the goldenrod dining room chairs!!!
Stay tuned...