Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SCUBA Report

Last weekend Jon arranged a wonderful Scuba outing. The diving conditions were absolutely PERFECT! And luckily for me, Alex brought a camera so I could finally see some of the things the boys always talk about when they come back from their expeditions.

I decided to join them and enjoy the beach with my kids. I was a little nervous about being on the beach while they were diving all by myself with 3 babies, but we all ended up having a great time!

First, they went to Breakwater, which is known for its easy diving; a great place for beginning divers. Here's the boys gearing up:
We were particularly excited to have Joe here and share his first Ocean dive with him :) Apparently there's not much coast around Oklahoma...
Larry... always out to find another uncle...

At Breakwater, they saw some jellyfish and lots of sea stars:

Dawna really enjoyed watching Daddy swim out and disappear beneath the surface. She did get a little anxious when he didn't come back for so long, but I assured her that he was ok.

Here's our little encampment on the shores of breakwater:

After Breakwater, we had lunch at Lover's Point ("I wonder why there's so many weddings going on here..." DUH!) Then they explored a new place off shore. Since their first dive went so well, they were all apparently feeling a little more relaxed and goofy-like:
Above the water...

And Below...

And Jon... I'm pretty sure that's not what they taught you to do in diving class! Diving 101 says: to breathe under water, leave the tube IN your mouth! Fortunately for him, I didn't see the pictures until After the dive was safely over...
And some other cool wildlife pictures from Lover's Point: the giant enormous humongous crab, the many many many armed sea star, and one rockin' awesome jelly.

While the divers were under at Lover's Point, the kids and I took a walk along the trail above the rocky coast. In previous visits to Monterrey, the breakers were crashing on the rocks and up above the retaining walls, but last Saturday, the water had only little lapping waves, gentle and benign.

After Lover's Point, the divers finished the day with a more complicated dive at Monestary (nicknamed Mortuary) beach... yeah, I'm always a little nervous when they want to go there, especially since there's been a little trouble in the past at that location, but everything went perfectly for our boys last Saturday there. Unfortunately, the camera didn't make the dive with them, so we still only get to imagine what it must be like down there...

In any case, you know it's been a great day when the ride home looks like this:

Yay for a fabulous weekend in Monterrey!