Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dawna...aka "Pocahontas"

Dawna's favorite song these days is "Just around the River bend" from Pocahontas. I tried to capture how cute she is singing it... My favorite thing is when she tries to say "Kocoum." It's a pretty long video... and sorry for my out of tune singing in the background... and there's a part that gets a little jumpy when I try to move the camera around to get her face... I promise I was just trying to get the cute one to sing more :)

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Birthday Girl!

Dawna's second birthday parties were lots of fun! We had one with the Severson family a couple weeks ago before Emily and Aaron left. Dawna enjoyed very much her angel food cake and playing the "drop the clothespin into the jar from the top of the ladder" game... although she didn't want to climb to the top of the ladder until Adele showed her how to do it...

On her birthday Sunday, we went to Antioch where Jon's mom prepared a special dinner and another angel food cake for Dawna :) Lots of fun for our big girl!

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