Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks Brookie!

On the very day the tropical storm did its worst to our fence (as noted in the previous post), we got a knock on the door early in the afternoon and the mailman handed us a soggy, weather-beaten box from Broken Arrow... which could only mean one thing... BROOKE!

Thanks, Brooke, for all the late birthday and early Christmas goodies (No, I didn't open the Christmas present, don't worry). It was the perfect unexpected arrival on a rainy day! Lots of new books to look at and read! Dawna and Larry had a great time! I think Dawna's favorite is the visit to the aquarium book... Jon loves the robot book... Brookie is such a good surrogate auntie!

Oh the joys of homeownership...

When you own your own home, and a rare, random tropical storm comes raging through... and does this to your fence:
revealing the tracks behind your house... it's YOUR job to fix it... oh goodie... fortunately, only the boards fell... the post, surprisingly, didn't budge an inch, so it wasn't that bad of a fix--just a little time consuming to nail everything back into place... one slat at a time... Although I must admit I enjoyed it a little... something about pounding nails into posts really relieves the stresses of motherhood :)