Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why the bed?

Dawna and Adele love to play on our bed. Still trying to figure out why. Seems that they have fallen off enough to hate the bed, but they are resilient and keep on coming back. It's probably because I like to sleep with so many pillows and blankets. Lots of stuff to jump on and play in. These pictures were taken before the "playing" got too rough. When the two of them are on the bed together, I am reminded of the "No More Monkeys" rhyme... somebody ends up bonking their head or something. Here, Adele is putting Dawna to bed and kissing her good night. Then, there's their mischievous smiles, but still very cute.

Daddy Tricks

Daddy and Dawna love to do tricks. They try their best to scare mommy... Mom's starting to get tough though... I'm harder to scare. Instead, I watch and laugh along with them and occasionally take pictures. This was one of my favorite daddy trick pictures :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

can't help but love this kid...

Lawrence is just as sweet a kid as Dawna was. I'm glad I got two angel children...although the "angelic" nature of Dawna is starting to wear off a little as she approaches two years old...

This is the best smile picture I've captured so far. Many thanks to Aunt Cami for the Baseball sleeper! I love the way it brings out the blue in his eyes.