Monday, November 07, 2016

Channel Islands SCUBA 2016

We had an amazing dive trip this year aboard the Conception! For the first time, I took our GoPro down with me on several dives (last year I took the camera but forgot a memory card...) I'm still learning how to manage a camera underwater, but I think I got a good start... I learned that holding still is very difficult underwater and my angle was a little high when the amera was attached to my forehead... but hopefully this montage will give you all a little taste of life aboard the Conception!

Of course, some of the most memorable moments of the trip happened when my camera wasn't in my hands... including:

  • A VERY large dorsal fin...the captain saying, "That's unusual behavior for a Great White... I think we're done diving here." (thankfully heard after getting back on board...)
  • A bald eagle attacking a seagull and enjoying it as a hearty lunch!
  • Dolphins playing and jumping around the wake of the boat
  • A playful seal inspecting our spearfishing catches
  • An obnoxious fish that snatched my very first scallop right out of my fingers and ate it! grrr...
It was a blast to be sure! We caught a lot of opal eye this year, but unfortunately didn't make it out to the great Ling Cod reef we hit last year. Jon made a historic catch of two lobsters in one dive! 

Many thanks to our local family (Terry & Luetta, Weston & Myra) for taking care of kids while we enjoyed our trip!