Monday, September 24, 2012

Dad's Book Club: Charlotte's Web

Dawna recently completed her first book report.  We did a "read-aloud" of Charlotte's Web. She loved every bit and loved watching and comparing the movie to the book.

I thought I should include her thoughts and ideas about the book as part of my "Dad's Book Club" blog post series :)  Dawna and I decided to create a web of our own as part of the report.  We discovered that writing words in a spider web is quite difficult.  Props to Charlotte...

Dawna and her "Joyful" web
 "Charlotte is a gray spider. She wrote in her web and saved a pig too!
If I were Charlotte's friend I would want her to write joyful in her web because I want people to know I am joyful. They can be my friend because I
am a happy person." 
--Dawna Koberstein

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