Saturday, November 10, 2012

How the Cat got its Bell

This week, Dawna had to write a play for her writer's workshop assignment.  Her play is based on a story we read together called "The Meeting of the Mice."  When we read it, she told me that she liked the beginning, but didn't like the end.  So, I told her that she could base her play on the story and give it an ending that she liked.  I think she did great.  It was a new experience for her writing with only dialogue, but she still managed to get a story out.  It has a beginning, middle, and end... and it includes a problem and a solution.  Check.  Meets first grade standards :)

Enjoy our play: How the Cat got it's Bell.  (not sure if you can understand every word, but I think the gist of it comes through ok)

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