Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oct. 29: Adele's 3rd birthday party

Oh man! This was the princess party to beat all princess parties! Emily went all out! Activities included: Decorating your own tiara, pin the dress on Ariel, Jasmine’s magic carpet musical chairs, Snow White’s poison apple (like hot potato) game, slaying Princess Aurora’s dragon piñata, and helping the fairy godmother turn a pumpkin into a Cinderella cake. It was HILARIOUS to see our two little girls and three little boys all playing princess games. Dawna’s favorite was the dragon. She still takes that little inflatable sword around the house hitting chairs and stuffed animals… and occasionally me… saying “Slay Dragon!”

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure she didn’t know that the party wasn’t for her… Let’s not tell her…

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