Thursday, November 13, 2008

What? Our other kid?

Poor little Lawrene. I used to be a little bugged by the fact that I, child number eight, didn’t have a baby book done for me… all my older siblings at least had Something, but all I got was a blank, completely blank, baby book. Well, you see, I’m starting to understand a bit better now. I’m very grateful to my mom that I’m actually alive as kid number eight, and downright flabbergasted that I actually have a picture representing each year of my life. With my two kids, I hardly every get footage of the youngest. Usually what happens is: I get the camera out. Dawna sees the camera; Dawna Loves the camera; Dawna hogs the camera. I try to get Lawrence on the camera and then… well… see for yourself…

And then I have to drop the camera and save him before he gets squished by his very loving sister who enjoys the limelight. It’s not that she wouldn’t share with him, or doesn’t love him… she’s just bigger than he is and tries to give hugs with her whole body weight. And so, here is a little tribute to Lawrence, the younger one:



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