Thursday, January 01, 2015

Fix-it Buddies

Gwen and Mike et al have been hangin' out at our house this week.

 Uncle Mike got Larry an AMAZING tool set for his birthday!! It's over 100 pieces of small REAL tools! It came in a chest with 4 drawers and a place for each tool! Very handy... Mike and Gwen spent a long time labeling each piece so we can learn the REAL names and uses of all the tools! 

Then Larry received his first assignment with his new tools: replace the batteries on his orange toy Jeep...

 Step 1: Identify the tools needed; in this case, a precision phillips head screwdriver. 
Step 2: Open the battery cover (which had an exceptionally LONG screw...) and replace the batteries
Step 3: TEST your work! (Mike says it's very important NOT to skip this step...especially when working on involved car part replacements...) If it works, put it all back together!
As you can see, Larry was having such a good time, he couldn't take a minute to look at the camera... Xochitl was also very excited about the tools (and hung very close through the entire repair process).

We're all excited about Larry learning to fix things! Thank you, Uncle Mike!

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At January 01, 2015 6:51 PM , Blogger The katie said...

What a nice birthday present. You will have lots of opportunities to use them I am sure.

At January 01, 2015 7:07 PM , Blogger Weston Koberstein said...

Larry might have more wrenches and scew drivers then me now.


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