Sunday, November 30, 2014

In a Cottage in the Woods

Happy Thanksgiving from Brentwood Lake, Twain Harte!
Happy Thanksgiving! We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving this year! Lots of new places and experiences to enjoy.  We were invited by Paulecca (aka Paul and Becca) to her family cabin up in Twain Harte, CA.  I had never been there before, but had heard about such a place from friends who enjoyed summer vacation there.  I was excited to see the place, a cute little town in the midst of Pinecrest, New Melones, and Yosemite.

Becca and her mom made all the plans and arrangements and we set off on Tuesday morning ready for some fun!  I didn't know quite what to expect, but I was completely blown away by the place when we arrived! It it a BEAUTIFUL cabin filled with lots of fun! There's four bedrooms, three bathrooms, yes, but also air hockey, foosball, two big TVs, a zip line, a tire swing, a small play structure, and a slide from the second floor balcony to the ground. Hours upon hours of fun just at the cabin!

Tuesday afternoon after arrival was spent around the cabin enjoying all the amenities. My mom and dad came up for the day as well.  Xochitl, Dawna, Henry, and Zoey created their names with natural artwork.

Wednesday was likewise very relaxing.  Xochitl and I took a walk to get a first glance at Brentwood Lake. After lunch, we enjoyed a hike along railroad grade.  We encountered some kind of drainage canal and enjoyed racing sticks and leaves and old cans we found around.  Jade enjoyed throwing rocks and running up and down the bank. But luckily, she never fell in! Paul and Jon arrived Wednesday night to complete the party!

Thanksgiving Day dawned bright and clear and beautiful in Twain Harte.  All of us trekked down to Brentwood lake and did some trotting before enjoying turkey later that day.  The lake has a lovely path all the way around it.  One end of the lake has sand and a play structure and swings. The kids played there while the adults tag teamed running the half-mile loop around it. All the kids took a turn or two around the lake as well. 
Joe and his smooth smile
Cami swinging away!
"How cute am I???"
"Yes, I am that cute!"
Cousins bonding!
Jon, Becca, and I each ran 7 laps around the lake to complete a 5K. A refreshing start to the day! Tom and Janet Weed joined us at the cabin for our Thanksgiving feast. Everything was delightful and everyone relaxed and enjoyed cooking only a part of the great meal.

In other big news of the week, Larry lost his tooth! It was hurting bad on Wednesday night and he bravely took hold of it and pulled it out himself! I thought it was cute that Larry and Jade are both missing teeth in the same place... one having just fallen out, the other not even in yet! 

Friday we took an adventurous excursion in the morning to a new climbing destination... but all those pictures will be included in another post... Friday afternoon we ventured out to Pinecrest lake and enjoyed walking along the low shore, hunting for fishing line and treasures, and throwing rocks... again...and again... Jade never gets tired of that... 

Up above the shore was an awesome amphitheater.  The kids put on a little show for us about a robber who stole wheat and then got knocked out by a baby... Then they all proceeded to dance and dance...

Ballroom with the babies!
Quite a week for all of us! That cabin was such a wonderful place to meet and enjoy our vacation time.  It also was a mystical place where some of life's most puzzling questions were answered... Questions such as... 

What if Joe swam in a pool of whipped cream?
Answer: He would rarely be seen but would smell very fishy.

What if Cami bought stocks in a transportation business? 
Answer: Then we'd call her motorcycle mama. 

What if Paul did flips in his underwear with KK? 
Answer: He would develop abs and glutes like a Greek statue and start a new exercise craze that sweeps the nation. 

These are just a few examples of the pearls of wisdom found while sitting around on comfortable section couches close to midnight giggling our heads off at a game of "What if..." (If those questions and answers seem completely random to you, then we have totally succeeded!)

What a happy Thanksgiving week we had! 

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