Friday, October 10, 2014

How Leopards Walk

Dawna and Larry's first major event at their new school... 

The Annual Walk-a-Thon! Complete with sponsor sheets and everything... hooray...

 The kids walked a 0.2 mile loop around the blacktop.  Canopies were scattered around the course with water stops, snack bar, face painting, and misters.  Each time they passed this particular canopy, they got a mark on their punch card to keep track of the number of laps.

Makenna, Dawna, and Savannah (also her first year at this school): three lovely ladies from Bayside ward who are also all leopards :) 

Larry walked 9 laps (nearly 2 miles) Dawna walked 25 laps (5 miles, wow!) I was proud of them both! I was impressed at the organization of the event and was once again so happy we got into this school... finally... 


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