Sunday, October 05, 2014

Part three of the Birthday weekend of fun!

Sunday, October 5, my 30th Birthday, I awoke to my sister and brother in law and nephews decorating my living room while my sister in law and brother in law made waffles... what pleasant things to wake up to!!  
 After breakfast, we listened/watched conference and in between sessions, Lynn favored us with some ballroom dance lessons! Cierra and Kobin were both excellent students!  Watch out, Choctaw! The Howells are coming home with some awesome moves!!

 Then I got to open a couple presents, including a set of little plates from my missionary in-laws in Japan!  We of course had to immediately use them and had a pickle party!

THIS is a Deeb birthday treat :)
You know, all Koberstein relations love pickles... in a week together, we went through more than a gallon of pickles! 
After the second sessions, Paul & Becca came over and Joe and Cheryl favored us with a delightful BBQ dinner... tri tip, chicken, nopales, glazed pineapple, and potatoes... so YUM!

Thanks all for a wonderful and memorable birthday weekend! I am ready to dive into my thirties... (yikes...)



At October 13, 2014 12:15 PM , Blogger Aaron and Emily said...

Everyone sure loves you! I am glad Heather got to be with you on your birthday.


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