Friday, October 17, 2014

Healthy Food... PPFFFTTT!

Dawna took it upon herself to plan, prepare, and serve a healthy meal for the family.  In the planning stage, she got a paper plate and drew a picture of her meal on the plate (and in typical Dawna style, the foods have walls around them... no touching!)

She created a meal from her knowledge of food groups as follows:
For protein, she cooked quinoa.
For a vegetable, she cooked artichokes.
For fruit, she served apple and pear slices (and tossed in baby carrots for color...)
For grains, she made whole wheat rolls (she even ground the wheat in the Blend Tec).

Here's the amazing part... all the kids ate EVERYTHING! It was a very successful meal for the whole family!  Dawna realized how much work it was to create such a meal, however, and is not terribly excited about doing it again... (drat). Besides, you can only pass off ONE Faith in God requirement this way... I wish all of the requirements were projects geared to help mom around the house, but I suppose studying scriptures and memorizing Articles of Faith are important, too ;)

Well done, Dawna! Thank you for a great meal!



At October 18, 2014 4:38 AM , Blogger Terry Koberstein said...

Wow, what an amazing meal. Was the Artichoke from our Garden? Hope you can make a meal for us someday.


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