Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Little updates on my little people

Now that I have to "schoolkids," there is a distinct divide in the house between to older two and younger two. This week, I only got pictures of my home girls who have to hang out with me all day long... So, here's Xochitl with a few updates:
We got new shelves!  Mom is really excited to have a place to put fancy things for display above and hide cluttery (but necessary) things below!

We went to visit great grandma Severson in the hospital after her surgery. We took turns going up to see her with all the kids, so on the "off" time, we explored different areas in the hospital, including this beautiful garden!  Xochitl would like everyone to know that she did NOT pick this flower--she found it on the ground. Mom can vouch for that, too :)
Xochitl passed off another level of swim lessons... wow... we had two lucky weeks where she was the only student in her class and so got one-on-one attention with her teacher for the entire half hour!  That helped move her along significantly! Well done, little mermaid!

With the coming of age to 18 months, Jade has begun to have to suffer consequences for disobedience. She is very tender, however, and even when we called her OUT of her trouble corner, she would not come... like, for a LONG time!  Then we realized she was sniffling to herself and finally she couldn't hold it in any longer and let out a very heart-wrenching sob :( Daddy took a lot of pity on the cute little thing... or felt a pang of guilt for putting her in time out... Anyway, this is a classic Jade moment here...

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At December 10, 2014 6:09 PM , Blogger The katie said...

I am looking forward to meeting Jade in 2015 in person. So cute!


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