Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas Jammies!

My mom had her traditional Christmas jammies for the grandkids a little early this year: December 23. All the kids from age 1 to 16 enjoyed their cute onesie pajamas and matchin socks! The kids in the picture almost get lost in the colorful patterns!

 Levi and Calder were our big superheroes!
 Little boys sported different colored camouflage while the little girls donned colorful hearts!

The funniest part was the next morning when Larry woke up... with a very concerned pouty face, he said, "but... the stockings are all empty still..." Every year of his life up till now, he's gotten his new PJs on Christmas Eve... so he just knew that it should be Christmas... sorry buddy, one day early :)

We enjoyed our traditional caroling around Lansing Court and rowdy retelling of the Christmas story with all the grandkids and cousins!

Wishing you warm fuzzy happiness!



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