Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas stockings

Yes, I know I'm behind in posting something about Christmas, but hear me out... 

I've now made a grand total of three Christmas stockings! My first victims were the members of the Evans family, who graciously accepted and even used my hand-knitted handicraft for Alex's first Christmas! The candle design for Brooke's stocking came from Grandma Frances's collection; the candy cane design for Jon's came from an internet search, and the gingerbread boy design for Alex's originated from a cross stitching pattern that I sort of adapted to knitting. Each stocking has its own unique toe shape since I experimented with a different toe finishing pattern on each one... but all of them held onto Christmas goodies just fine :)
Thanks, Grandma Severson, for spending the hours with me at the family reunion last summer to get me started, and thanks Brooke for making me feel like I did I good job :) 

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