Saturday, December 13, 2014

Adventure begins!

I'm just sitting and relaxing here in Tampa, FL and pondering on this amazing fact: this morning, I woke up and kissed my kids good bye in California; and tonight, I'm going to sleep some THREE THOUSAND miles away from where I woke up this morning!  I know it's commonplace to travel fast these days, but just think about how far that is for a moment! Just blew my mind...

Anyway, it was a day of firsts for Jon and me. First time to Florida, first time using Uber and Air B&B (both of which were very positive experiences, I might add) and first time just walking into a completely unknown city just for the sake of wandering and discovering what we could discover. Saw lots of fun and interesting things around downtown Tampa. We enjoyed the riverfront walk, Mediterranean food, and found the hockey stadium which was tonight hosting an orchestral concert.  Seemed like the whole city was dressed in formalwear! Beautiful Christmas lights and holiday music added to the festive ambiance.

Tomorrow, we're off to the port of Tampa! Let the epic tenth anniversary cruise begin!


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