Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun!

As always, our Thanksgiving break was split between our two families. It's part of the blessing and curse of living close to both sets of parents...

Wednesday was a very wet trip to San Francisco. We walked from the Embarcadero BART station all the way to pier 39 and then up through China Town. We were soaked, but still had a blast. Matt and JoAnn and Co. enjoyed Ghiradelli Square and Alcatraz.

Thursday morning we played football with friends and family. Nobody got too hurt, amazingly...
After football, Jon and I drove out to Antioch for Thanksgiving dinner. Louis and Camille and Co., Dan and Karla, Weston, and Lynn were all there. All five brothers... together again...

All the food was amazing, of course, since Mom Luetta was cooking.

Friday we went to Rodeo Beach, where the surf was too high and the wind too cold to actually swim, but that didn't stop the Utah kids from trying anyway. Much to their parent's chagrin, they waded into the water. Kaylee tried rolling up her pants, but we all know it doens't take long to get them soaked anyway. Charles actually tried to strip down to his "trunks," and there ensued quite the little tussle between him and his dad trying to keep his jacket and shirt on... In any case, the beach had beautifully colorful pebbles, and romantic vistas :)
After the beach, it was back to San Francisco for a drier, more crowded view of the city. We enjoyed the aquarium, a driving tour of the Presidio, and clam chowder in bread bowls at Boudin's! Yum!

Friday and Saturday were kick back days as we dreaded the upcoming week and the hectic Christmas season to come... but so far, we're surviving! Jon is ALMOST done with the term... and after this term only ONE MORE! YAY!

And to conclude, we had a good Thanksgiving.



At December 16, 2008 11:33 PM , Blogger Danielle said...

Wow... I'm totally the shorty in this family...

At December 17, 2008 9:53 PM , Blogger sunnysnows said...

It's okay. I fill that role too. The brothers all look so similar!


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