Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bostonians come west!

Jon's old mission/BYU roommate and his family flew out a couple weeks ago. We had a marathon sight-seeing weekend with them! Check this out...

Friday we saw:

Jon's EA office
Elephant seals in Ano Nuevo: A bit more of a hike than we expected... I was glad Lee was willing to help carry Dawna part of the way, but she was quite a trooper! Lawrence rode well on my shoulders, unless the path was paved with gravel--then he tried to jump off my shoulders in search of rocks to throw.
Authentic Mexican restaurant: My favorite quote was from Lee "I just think it's awesome that I spoke to three different people in Spanish in the last five minutes!" Why did that make me laugh? I'm not sure, but it did :)

Golden Gate Bridge
"Secret beach" in the Marin Headlands: Lee and Kristin and Jon and Dawna waded in the waves... but Larry... you guessed it... kept working on his pitching muscles by throwing all the rocks he could get his hands on
Lombard--the windiest street in America!
Artichokes! Farm fresh and purchased at a road-side stand!

There was a lot of time in the car, but still all in all it was a blast!

Saturday we meant to continue the lightning tour, but were brought back to a human pace when baby Kaela got a fever. This baby is seriously stunningly beautiful. For those of you familiar with Twilight, she is, in my minds eye, Reneesme. Anyway, instead of trekking back across the bay, we just biked to central park and enjoyed the playground there.

Sunday we enjoyed church and the afternoon at a leisurely pace... unfortunately and all too soon, our dear friends had to go back across the country to Boston... we hope their trip out here--with all the sleep depriving, fever inducing fun-- didn't diminish their desire to make the Bay Area a permanent residence for them :) It could happen... especially if we could get away with arranging a certain marriage... hehehehe < insert evil chuckle here >
For more information about our exciting weekend, see Lee and Kristin's Blog--link in the right margin of our blog :)


At June 22, 2009 5:36 AM , Blogger Johnson Family said...

and if Kaela keeps her beautiful eyes and Larry his strong arms - what could keep them apart?
We loved seeing you and miss you already.


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