Saturday, April 13, 2013

Party Hardy Hardy...

April has been a full and busy month of birthday parties... Lots of our friends have spring birthdays, which means my kids get to be spoiled by all the awesome birthday parties going on! The birthday girls have all been very sweet to include all my kids in their parties, so it's a whole family fun party! Here's three that we hit in the last two weeks, in reverse order:

1. Our friend Izzy turned 7 and her party was at Pump it Up--a big jump house arena!  Last time I went there, it felt a little dark, but this time was much better!  The kids got to climb, jump, slide, and swing to their heart's content! There was even a jump session with nothing but glow sticks and black lights! But unfortunately, no pictures of this one...

2. Our friend Kenna turned 5 and her party was at Color Me Mine.  Each of the kids got to pick out something of their own to paint.  Dawna picked a fairy, Larry picked a fire truck, and Xochitl picked a cupcake (typical of all three).  They all had a great time painting and designing their very own things!  I might have gotten a little too involved, but let's face it, it's way fun!
Xochitl is very intense...

Dawna got to sit at the "Big Kids Table"
3. Our friends Grace and Joy (twinners) turned 4 and hosted a princess party, complete with cardboard castle, catered food, face painting, Princess Tiana coming to tell stories, balloon animals, and a professional photographer (who graciously shared all the pictures she took, so the pictures from this party are awesome!)
Wow! Even I get to be in a picture!  Xochitl and I making a princess sticker story.

Larry waiting for Princess Tiana to make a balloon airplane.

Larry participating in the story: Looking for the magic birthday present!

Dawna decorating her crown.

Dawna and Ella hunting for diamonds, because you have to find 3 diamonds to get a prize at the end of the party.

Xochitl exploring the cardboard castle.

Larry pretending to be the "King of Hearts"
I love going to birthday parties! And all of these ones were INCREDIBLE! Thanks to all our great friends (and their mommies) for inviting us along!

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At April 27, 2013 5:42 PM , Blogger Johnson Family said...

I find that my kids get tired of big blow up places after about 45 minutes. It sounds like quite a party month for you!


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