Thursday, March 14, 2013

Car Museum! Dipsea Run!

This week was a lonely one for me and the kids.  Daddy was gone Tuesday night through Saturday morning.  Gone on business... to Tahoe... Can't underestimate the importance of "team building" can we?

Yeah, I was a little jealous... but it's not like I would have been snowboarding anyway, so that made me feel a little better...

On Friday, to entertain ourselves, I took the kids on a field trip to the Danville Car Museum.  It worked out perfectly with Dawna's Social Studies chapter this week: "Transportation: Then and Now." We got to read about the "Horseless carriage," and then see one in person!
Horseless Carriage!

Dawna and Xochitl were willing to stand for pictures.   I couldn't get Lawrence to stand still at all!  HE was too busy taking in all the awesome cars!  Nana and Papa and our Danville cousins were all there too, but I missed them in the pictures. 

After seeing all the cars there, Larry now says his favorite car is the Rolls Royce. 
Beautiful Rolls Royce!

Dawna's Second favorite, because of the color, and because it looks like Finn McMissile.
Xochitl's favorite, because of the color.

Dawna's favorite

This one wins for the most interesting car: It's a specially made Rolls Royce for an Indian Maharaja, complete with two silver Boa Constrictor horns, side seats for servants to sit on during hunting, and a removable dark glass compartment so that his two wives would be hidden from public view while traveling.  The story goes this car was found abandoned in the jungle, rusting away, and was so heavy that elephants had to carry it out on a sling... I guess the Rolls don't do so well in the jungle...

While we were there, Weston and Jon took Dan on a long trail run along the Dipsea trail.  Dan did not die... Whew! I was concerned just a little bit knowing how those boys run... but really they all did great!  After the run, they all went back to Antioch for the night... four boys alone in mom and dad's house... what could possibly go wrong...

Saturday we finally all got back together again!  After a grueling run the day before, we decided to take a hike up a hill and along a ridge.  I was still the slowest one there... Lynn got great pictures, which I neglected to get from him... grrr...

Sunday the boys stayed at our place and Jon made an amazing "Surf and Turf" dinner of lobster and steak! Yum! Please come back soon, brothers!  Jon is a great cook, but he only whips out his skills when you are around.

Tough week, but great weekend! We're glad Daddy is home!

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At March 14, 2013 1:15 PM , Blogger Katie said...

What a fun week to enjoy with family. Dad's team building activity is a bummer. I know the feeling.

At March 15, 2013 9:30 PM , Blogger Aaron and Emily said...

That museum looks like so much fun. And they great weather... ah...


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