Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old friends, New places!

So, while we were in Utah, we made a quick stop in Coalville... Why? This is why:
Yeah, I miss Angela quite a bit. I wish she could still live just a mile away so we could make our weekly trips to the library or Costco together... it's just a bit more endurable to do a long shopping trip when you have someone to giggle with :) However, I do have to admit that the place they live is a WAY nicer home than where they lived here... bummer that you can never have it all, ya know?

I was very glad to know that her kids hadn't forgotten me. I hadn't been there five minutes when Talmage started calling, "Dawna's Mom, I just need to show you one thing..." and then he would pull me to a new part of the house for a demonstration!
Thanks for letting us drop by for lunch, Annie!


At August 31, 2010 6:20 PM , Blogger dfamily said...

You are too kind... Thank you for coming out of your way to coalville. :-) It was nice to see you all again! Maybe next time at a beach in california??? ;)


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