Friday, February 26, 2016

New Heights

"On Belay?"

"Belay on!"


Dawna and Lawrence have recently embarked on a new adventure: they have joined the recreational rock climbing team at The Peak (City Beach recently changed ownership). 

As you can imagine, daddy is super excited and proud of both of them. On the first night on the team, Jon left work early to come watch... unfortunately, his bus driver was... creative, and somehow took a detour past Stanford Campus from Mountain View in order to get to Newark (trust me, that doesn't make sense...) and poor Jon ended up spending 2 1/2 hours on the bus and missed all the climbing. 

Fortunately, I was there with them and took a couple pictures to send him: 
 Lawrence has really stepped up to the challenge and completes top rope routes and boulder problems every week.
Dawna is always sore and tired after practice and proudly sports calloused and torn up hands! She recently became belay certified also. 

I love that their coaches teach the kids the importance of being responsible for their own safety and the safety of their friends. Of course they have a great time, but all the kids know when to be serious and safe.  All the kids on the team are confident and empowered 
The climbing fun has overflowed into other aspects of our daily life, like building with Legos. Here, Kai Lan is belaying her friend up the treacherous Duplo route. It's at least a 5.11. :) Though I'm not sure that dental floss is rated for their weight ;)


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