Saturday, December 26, 2015

Baptism Boy

"I've been waiting eight years and one day for this!"
 "I'm ready. I've spent all year memorizing all the Articles of Faith. Ask me anything... except maybe number 10..."
 "Let's see... Uncle Aaron will give the talk about baptism. He knows I love cars. He says baptism is like a car: you must keep it running smooth with obedience and repentance as we travel down the highway of life."
 "And Uncle Dan will give the talk on the Holy Ghost. He also knows I like cars.  He says the Holy Ghost is like a stoplight: sometimes it gives you a green to go ahead and do the right thing; sometimes a yellow warning, and sometimes a big red STOP if there is danger or temptation nearby."
 "And my cousin...Isaac's sister...the one with the flute... All her family will sing my favorite primary song: A Child's Prayer.  They play and sing so well that you can't help but feel the spirit."
 "Daddy did a great job Baptizing and Confirming me, but I accidentally put one foot too high up, so the witnesses said I got to go under again."
 "I look pretty handsome, right? I picked out this tie because it reminded me of BB-8 from the new Star Wars."
 "Mom dragged me to TWO stores to get this outfit! TWO STORES in ONE NIGHT! It was rough."
 "My family tree was well represented at my baptism. I had uncles, aunts, and cousins from both sides of the family, all my grandparents, plus a great aunt and uncle, a great-great aunt and uncle, and cousins once removed."
 "Thank you Uncle Weston for getting married so close to my baptism day! I think that's really what they were there for, but I got a bonus baptism benefit!
 "Wrong way, Dad!"
 "When Dan asked all my friends in attendance to stand, nine people stood..."
 "...but when he asked all my relatives to stand, 51 people stood!"
 "And after the baptism, they all came to our house for pizza!"
 "Don't worry, Dad! You're halfway done with baptizing your kids. The difficult ones are behind you."
 "All my friends and family that came wrote me letters or drew me a picture while I was getting dressed, kinda like this..."
"I've been preparing for this moment for eight years and one day. Now it's done. Now I'm preparing for my next important steps as I keep growing in the gospel!"

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