Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Goodbye July Stop 6 aka the Shortest One

20 hours.

That's how long our next stop was. The shortest, most last minute-est of all the stops was a one-night stay at Uncle Brandt's cabin in Felt, ID, named Hihoopi. Even though it was a short stint, we spent the time well... well, sort of... soon after arriving, I went for a seven mile run and sprained my ankle.

That sucked.

But apart from that, we got to eat Suddenly Salad (apparently a UT Betty Crocker specialty), enjoy the hot tub which got REALLY hot... like 110 degrees and then shut itself down for overheating... have a bonfire, and Larry got to ride/drive the John Deere lawnmower! BEST. DAY. EVER!!! 



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