Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Goodbye July Stop 1

July in California is so last year. This year, July is anywhere but! 
Step 1: thirteen hours to Logan, UT to visit Louis and Camille. We enjoyed the time with cousins with all kinds of outdoors activities, including...

Hike to Tony Grove Lake around the Nature trail. There were many beautiful wild flowers, bridges, and lots of time to bond with cute little Chloe, my 2-year-old niece I just met that day!
 The kids atop one of many large rocks to climb--straddling the Crack of Death! (so named by Charles)
 Jon had no problem conquering the largest of the climbing boulders.
 Kaylee and Dawna had a great time swimming and exploring... so much fun in fact that they informed us that their hearts were too heavy to go home (get it? Their hearts are stones??)
 And Jade will not be left out: "Picture me!"
 Love the quality cousin time!
 The next day began with a 15k race down Blacksmith Canyon with Louis and Camille. Louis came in second for his age group, Jon came in fourth.  We were very proud of our boys!
 Later that day, we went with Gwen and Mike to the Cache Valley car show. Larry could not be contained! He ran excitedly from one car to the next!  All the kids got to build their own little car and see a variety of fun vehicles--like the Batmobile!
 One Corvette Larry we got to sit in! Larry was pretty excited about it!
Larry in front of a 1929 Durant: it's a car with wooden spokes! Very rare, very cool!

We also enjoyed fireworks and Fourth of July neighborhood BBQ! A great start to our epic July out!

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At July 09, 2015 1:10 PM , Blogger Aaron and Emily said...

I clicked off the page to make a comment and Malachi protested. "I want to see Laaaaarrrry!!!!"


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