Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pony rides

Our little twin friends, Grace and Joy, had an amazing 6th birthday party! Mama Angela is an amazing birthday party planner. The girls requested a Pony Party, so boy did they ever get a pony party!  Each kid got a sheriff badge, cowboy hat and bandanna, and a  stick pony to START the party... activities included pin the tail on the pony, punch and grab pony box (beneath each punch circle was a pony to adopt, complete with name, birthday, and personality traits), a "feeding post" and "watering hole," wanted poster coloring, and....the main attraction of the party...

Pony Rides!!!!!

Dawna, Larry, and Xochitl (poor Jade missed out... she was asleep in the stroller...) were so excited to be able to ride the ponies! The little dark pony was named Tonka, and the taller caramel colored pony was named Samantha.

I was reminded a little bit of the Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday (Papa gets ponies for the party...) All the kids were sad when the ponies had to go, but boy oh boy was it a birthday party to remember! We're glad Grace and Joy turned 6!


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