Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Nauvoo Day 4: "To think I knew Joseph Smith..."

Our visit to Carthage Jail was immensely wonderful. Granted, the senior missionary tour guide didn't quite know what to do when the 36 of us trudged into the visitor's center there, but my mom knows how to make the rowdy crowds reverent.
The grounds around the jail are beautifully kept. Everything there is peaceful and lovely. Jon carried Jade in the Ergo the whole time... one tough daddy... 

 The tour of the jail was tricky with so many people, but we all got to see the debtor's cell, the dungeon upstairs where John Taylor was put after he was shot, and the very martyrdom room. I could tell Dawna was very touched by what she could feel there.
After the tour, we all gathered around the monument outside the back window. We began by singing "Praise to the man" and had a little testimony meeting where we shared our feelings and thoughts about Joseph Smith. He was an amazing man and prophet of the restoration. We all partook of the sincere testimonies of my sweet nieces and nephews as they shared their growing testimonies of the prophet. I couldn't be prouder of them! 

Amanda and Luke stand together as siblings just as Joseph and Hyrum did. They love and protect each other as I hope my children do. 
Abbie, so astute and observant and aware of all things spiritual, recording her thoughts and feelings from the experience there. 

Nate, so anxious to do and be good. At the tender age of 7, he records the inscription on the monument.
Mom and Dad, who raised us all in righteousness, and continue to provide good examples of gospel living in everything they do. 

My beloved family: I was stuck in the back feeding Jade during the testimony meeting, but Dawna bore her testimony sweetly and I add mine to hers to say that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.   I pray that all my family will continue to seek and improve upon their testimonies. 



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