Saturday, May 03, 2008

On the Sixth day in Utah...

The main event of today was, of course, Abbie's baptism. It was a wonderful service. Four kids in their ward were baptised. My dad gave the confirmation talk and we all enjoyed it!

Afterthe baptism, we ate home made lasagna, then lounged around and watched the kids play in the backyard. Later, we went to Cabella's to watch the fish be fed and shop around. Dawna loved watching the fish and looking at the waterfall and seeing all the stuffed animals there.

When we drove in to Heather's house, we were met with a surprise next door: the neighbod had three little lambs that they were taking care of for a week. We all went over to take turns feeding them a bottle and petting them. Dawna loved baa-ing at the sheep and petting their soft fur.

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