Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swim Lesson Blast from the Past...

Way back in 2003, just after my freshman year at BYU, I took a job in Newark, CA teaching the summer school GATE class. My mom and I directed an operetta (in traditional Grandma Wightman style) of "Safety Kids." We did a parachute dance with them, taught them to play the recorder (or tonette, if you prefer) and made them all super stars... sigh... good times...

Last week Larry started swim lessons. He didn't show much fear of the water once I pointed to his teacher and said, "Larry, this is your teacher. She'll swim with you." That's all it took. No crying, no whining, not even his ever famous, "No. No thank you." I was very proud of him. His teacher's name is Bree.

Dawna has continued to enjoy swim lessons. She's learning to use her arms and kick at the same time. She has become a star ring-diver and jumper. She's gained a lot of confidence (almost too much, as she learned last week as she tried to take Larry for a dolphin ride in the pool... not the brightest idea ever...) Her teacher's name is Ahalya and she's awesome!

Ahalya... not a very common name. I only knew one other Ahalya. She was in my summer school music class back in 2003 in Newark... she was in 4th grade then... which means she'd be 16 or 17 now... wait a second.... !!!!!!!!

I looked at Dawna's swim teacher again and then I realized... I don't know any OTHER Ahalya's... IT'S THE SAME ONE!!! Woah! Small world... ok, so it's not THAT surprising since it's actually in the same tiny town... but still, it was fun to look and see her all grown up... and doing good things... maybe the Safety Kids had an effect? Eh, probably not, but ya know...


At July 14, 2011 4:57 AM , Blogger Andrew Bosley said...

Just wait until one of your students is married with 3 kids! Then you'll really feel old :)


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