Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dawna is Crawling!

Dawna is all over the place now crawling! Mom requested a video of it to see the action. The hardest part of getting the video was putting Dawna down and then getting away fast enough that I could get a video of her crawling to me. Once she got me, I thought it was cute the way she tried to grab the camera and laughed at it! It's fun for her to be a little more independent this way. She can follow us around to her heart's delight! Of course, we think she's the cutest baby ever!

Crawls and Giggles Video!

PS: Those are Valerie Chamberlin's shoes in the background! Charles and Jon were talking politics while Val and I were cooing over Dawna! Dawna can't wait to meet her new friend Sydney!


At March 07, 2007 1:52 PM , Blogger Aaron and Emily said...

Oh Rita, she is SOOO cute!! And so happy! She doesn't even look like the same baby I remember a few months ago. She looks much more like a Severson now.


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